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I need some advice

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When I graduate from high school this year my parents have told me they will help me get a pair of headphones. I also have a fairly large extended family and I expect to get a good sum of graduation money, so I was looking at finally getting a good pair of headphones and a JMT amp. Well, I was first looking at the Sennheiser HD280's or the AKG K401's. My parents were going to buy the headphones, and I would pay for the amp. Then it hit me that I could use some more of my graduation money and get a pair of REAL headphones, namely the Sennheiser HD580's from Headroom. I wanted to get them there because Todd has been helping me a lot lately advising me on which 'phones to get and I think it would only be fair to buy a pair of headphones from him. Well, THEN it hit me. For $20 edit more /edit I could get a pair of HD600's from Jan Meier. But, I would feel really awful doing that. And I'm not paying $300 for the HD600's because I feel that they are overpriced to begin with. $220 is the price they should be everywhere IMO. So, I am wondering what will I be missing out on if I get the HD580's over the HD600's, besides the carbon fibre and the metal grilles. Will I still be able to upgrade the cables and what not? And do I still get the full membership benefits of team HD600? And one more question: Does the construction on the 580 feel cheap? Because I do not want another HD497. Thanks in advance.
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violeta88 said...

For $20 I could get a pair of HD600's from Jan Meier.
$20? Man, I should check Jan's site more often.

I think the general consensus is there is very little difference in sound between the 580 and 600, until you get into really good (and generally expensive) supporting equipment. Yes, you can upgrade the cord just like the 600, they use the same type of connections. As for construction... I haven't handled a 497, so I don't know how they feel. I will say that, while the 580 isn't quite as sturdy as a V6, it feels solid enough to me, and I have no worries about breaking it or anything.
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Thanks for pointing out my "little" wording error. My problem with the 497 was with the jacks for the detachable cord wearing out very quickly. Have there been any problems like that with the jacks on the 580?
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Nope, no problems w/ mine.
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Good, I think the 580 is a safe bet for me. And with Headroom's return policy at least I know I'm safe if I find out that the HD580/600 sound isn't my cup of tea, I can always get something else. But, I'm hoping its true that with a proper amp, they aren't lifeless. I know they'll be much different than anything I've heard yet.
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I am glad that you are deciding on the HD-580. Hearing it is what made me go out and get the HD-600. If you haven't been happy with your headphones up until now, I think the sennheisers might just be what the doctor ordered.

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If you are going to purchase a Sennheiser, go with the HD600. Purchasing a 580, you will always wonder what you are missing, driving yourself mad and probably end up buying one later at any rate so might as well shell out a bit more now and end up saving money in the long run. Also, please note that you will require a beefy amp to drive them. I do not think anything lower than a Corda HA-1, Grado RA-1 or MG Head is worthy. Kelly thinks that even a Max is not sufficient so that says a lot about them whether you agree with that or not. A total airhead or JMT is just not going to do them justice in my opinion.
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Blighty, I would get the HD600, but there are two factors that hamper me buying them from Jan Meier. First, Todd at Headroom has been helping me constantly trying to find me a pair of headphones that I will like and I would like to buy a pair from him, but I cannot afford to buy a HD600 from Headroom, just a HD580. Secondly, I am unsure that I will even like the 580/600. So, I need a nice RETURN policy. Jan Meier doesn't have that. So, I think I'm going w/ plastic on this one. And don't worry about me wondering what I'm missing, I'm the type of person that looks for a complete change in sound. My next move up from the HD580 will probably be a Stax. I don't like small changes in sound quality. I never have. That's why I'm going from 497 to 580. As to amps, the only one that I can afford is a JMT. I'll make sure to have him upgrade it to dual 9 volt power supply. I've heard that a JMT in that configuration can do justice to the 580/600.
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are you sure there is _no_ place you could hear the 580/600 at? I would suggest an audition of one or the other if possible. Many many stereo stores stock one or both of these phones for audition. I myself liked the 590 better than either, and while I will likely get a 600 eventually, that will be purely for classical/jazz listening (and also for completeness!!.
Considering your past headphone tastes as given in prior posts, I really think you might enjoy the sound of the 590s better. Just a thought...

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There is NO place in my area that carries anything higher than a 570. And Headroom's price on the 590 is higher than the 580. And I do want to buy a headphone through Headroom. I actually like headphones that are in between laid back and forward. And I've heard that the 580/600 can fill up when properly amped, so I am going to give it a try. I just think the 590 will be too bright for me. I just tried a Grado SR225 and it didn't do anything for me. It had a decent soundstage, but it was a tad too bright and it didn't have much bass slam. The 497 was better in the bass, I conveniently had one in the store to compare it with. If I end up hating the 580's, I'll just get a pair of HD280's. I know I like the way those sound. And I'll even have enough money left over to buy another pair of cheap headphones.
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I don't know if it is tactful to say this, but it seems that headroom's price on the HD-600 must be somewhat flexible with their whole "click for today's price" thing going on. Maybe if you carefully explain the situation to Todd or Tyll, you could get a price match?

Again, if this is out of line, well then, feel free to delete this, moderators.

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That's a good idea Driftwood. They might be able to do something. Although I think they cannot match that price of $220.
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