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Hi there!
I wanna try another headphone amplifier and have an eye on the cmoy cause it´s so simple.
Because I have found a little case with jacks for in and out I wanna make a PCB design to use those jacks and solder them directly on the board.
I once tried to do it with a LM386 and it was a horrifying result.
Oscillation over and over.
Has anyone tried the CMOY on PCB and could probably send the design if it was a success?
What do I have to look for to not destroy the sound of the thing
(for example where should the ground be running along etc.)
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C.E. Hansen has already developed a PCB for the cmoy amp. It is makes the build that much easier and is designed for a specific Pac-Tec case. It also incorporates the Meier crossfeed circuit in the board. You can e-mail him at
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Hello JMT!
Thanksalot for the answer.
I´ve seen comments about the hansen PCB but thought this is a "buyable" finished product so didn´t ask for that.
Toodle pip!
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Hello again!
So my thoughts were right that hansen sells finished boards.
That´s disappointing cause I wanted to do my own board and gain experience with that stuff.
The other thing is that I come from germany and don´t wanna wait and give away that much money for a lil project like that.
So if somebody is inspired to give me some general tips so that the PCB-design doesn´t result in a noisy something I´d be glad.
Thanks and keep that site goin´
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