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Orange Foam tips for Ety ER4

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I've seen a few people mention that they prefer to use the orange foam tips instead of the ones supplied with the ER4. But I haven't seen too many people comment on their sonic quality. Is the sound consistent with the retgular tips. Is it better? Worse? I do think I remember once seeing a comment that the larger size should indeed distort the sound. I would particualarly like to hear Don Wilson's thoughts on this product (are you out there Don?).
Orange tips

Also, this is my first post after spending a few weeks lurking and deciding to purchase a pair of ER4S. Thanks for the helpful comments everyone.
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I don't see how it would distort the sound since it is the same length as the normal foam tips. The length will effect the frequency response but I don't believe the width will other than providing a better seal for better bass response. Anyway, I'm sure Don will clarify.
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ety foam tips

I tried a pair of canal tips and couldn't get a good seal. You might want to try the large yellow foam tips from etymotic. They deliver superb sound and if too large you can trim or cut them to fit your ear without affecting the seal or sound.
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Just to clarify: I'm not having any problems getting a seal with eithyer types of tip. But I have developed a preference for the foam tips. So I'm really only curious about whether the orange tips are more durable than the supllied foam ones, or have some other advantage/disadvantages.
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the priec went up to 20$ are they still worth it?
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orange foam tips

See if you can find the canal tips at a local hearing aid place.I bought a pair for $2 and decided to stick with the ety foamies.
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