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best vintage cd player?

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so the recent death of my rio karma made me realize that it might be nice to have a backup. So, I'm interested in a good vintage-like cd player with a few features.

1. 3-10 sec anti-skip
2. rechargable batteries
3. ac adaptor that recharges batteries.

and maybe sound as good as the d-777? probably not, but what player meets that spec?
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Most of the really old vintage players (ie Sony) don't have any anti-skip, the rechargeable batteries are proprietary, expensive, and have a short life, and aren't really that good for portable use. Having owned dozens of PCDP's over the years including most of the classic vintage Sony PCDP's, I'd recommend the Panasonic SL-CT570 or 470 for actual portable use. They use built in rechargeable AAA batteries with an add-on compartment for AA batteries, they will recharge with their own power adapter and they sound good with a good line out too. You may not be able to find either model new anymore, refurbished or used might be your best bet.

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is the 470, does it use the "on the fly" compression schemes that make modern cd players sound so bad?
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I have a Panasonic CT-SL570 it has a non-compress 10sec anti-skip and a compress 40 sec anti-skip but I wasn't that impress by the sound.

If you can find it there is the onkyo DX-F71 which has a small anti-skip however my anti-skip didn't work very well it ie. skip sometime when move but otherwise sound excellent. It came originaly with rechargeble 2 AA NiCd.

I no longer have the onkyo but if I remember correcly there is a switch in the battery case between the 2 batteries that identify them as rechargeble batteries. The original battery is shinkwrap together pushing on this switch. you have to either put a tape on the switch or shinkwrap if you want to recharge with the player. You also have to remove some skin from the negative pole of the battery to recharge look at the manual below to see what I'm talking about. Don't forget they use NiCd not NiMH. Or you can also just use an external charger with any AA batteries.

To my ears it is much better than the CT-SL570.

Here purk state that it's a step better than the D-777

Here the pdf of the Instruction manual.
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I have an old Optimus CD34000 from the early 90's that I love, it has a bright overall sound signature that delivers lots of detail but isn't weak on bass. It also has a tendency to sound bigger than it is; the sound opens up a lot and offers a good amount of transparency. It's a lot like a pair of Grados if you can relate to that. It's one of the well-known older players, Radio Shack of all places sold it back in the day; Optimus was their in-house brand at the time and they got really lucky with the design I guess. The main reason people liked them so much though was because it offered a digital out so you can use it as a CD transport.

It doesn't offer anti-skip or built in rechargeable batteries, as meithkiller said not many older players offer either of those features. I use rechargeable AA's, it takes four of them and runs for about 5-6 hours on a charge, so you'll definitely want to keep a fully charged set ready for when it goes dead. Some of the successors to the CD3400 offered anti-skip but didn't sound anywhere near as good.

Here's a review from Stereophile's online archives.

I also know that someone here at Head-Fi, I think it was Eagle_Driver, did a roundup review of all the old hi-fi PCDP's... try a search to find that one.
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Panasonic shockwave i recommend!My Sl SW515 is a very strong and well made cd player, delivers a powerfull sound quality(with VMSS, the bass is very deep), the anti-shock mecanism never skips and recharge batteries (peeling off ,part of the plastic coverage, near the negative side of the rechargeable Ni-cd batteries designed by panasonic, the cd player recharge batteries, because the P-3gava/2b designed for the CD player i don't meet in brazil).These Cd player is like a tank!!!
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anymore? also, I forgot to mention this, but cd-r compatability is a must, as some of those older players have a tough time with cd-r's
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You've had problems reading CDR's in some of the "classic" PCDP's? Really? I've successfully played CDR's in more than a dozen different old Sony and Panasonic PCDP's, and even the very first PCDP, the Sony D5 I have, plays CDR's ok. CDRW's are another story, but I haven't had any trouble with CDR's.

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I've had no problems with the CD3400 when it comes to playing CD-R's. It has read every disc I've put in it, ranging from redbook CD's to burnt CD-R's and RW's. Just make sure they're burnt as audio files. Every now and then it chugs a little switching from one track to the next with burnt CD's, but it always finds it and continues play. I've counted up to ten seconds between track changes before, but delays of these kind have been very rare for me.
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I'm not sure about the recharge-batteries feature but I am very happy with the Sony D465 which has antishock and, to my ears, sounds better than the D777. I found the D777 too warm-sounding and not transparent enough. Take a look at Duncan portable cd player uber-review in case you haven't already. http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37854
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I like my Panasonic SL-231C for normal CD's (sound a little better in come ways than the imp450)...But its nothing audiophile.

The player is from 1998.
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Sony D-211 is TEH l33t uber OMGWTF!!!!1
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Originally Posted by null
Sony D-211 is TEH l33t uber OMGWTF!!!!1
He wants anti-skip, and we all know how the D-211 fairs in that dept . . .

As for reading cd-rs, I think it's CD player specific. By that I mean varying between each individual unit. The current condition of the lens and whatnot would be a big factor.
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