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KOSS UR40 worth 40$ ?

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I am looking for headphones that I will use at work with my computer in an open space environnement (closed headphones preferred !).

I have read all the review of UR40 but neither answers my question :

For my usage, are they worth 40 $ or should i buy something else ?

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From my experience, it's not worth $40.
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HI: Welcome to head-fi. You can buy the koss UR40 SP for 25.00 at The SP modle has a short 4' cord. I have just bought a pair and molded them by taking the thick foam out from behind the speakers.

Doing this opens up the clarity and gives a better sound stage. I use the UR40 with my portable radio.
I also put some 1/4" or so foam around the inside of the ear cups buy just puting it in there and this puts the ear a little further away from the speaker and also gives better clarity and sound stage.

IMO the UR40 are more comfortable than the Koss 35, sportapro, portapro, 75s. Also the UR40 sound more like full size cans over the other Koss I listed.
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I wouldnt say they are more comfortable then the 75s but they are good cans. I got mine for $.99 on e-bay. $14.99 shipping.

They are good though, i wouldnt spend more the $25. They are the KSC drivers so you know they will sound good.
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Thanks for your answers.

I wanted to buy them from and to ship them to Europe (because i m from there ) ! the euro/dollar change rate is great for european now.

If UR40 are not worth 40$, what would you suggest for my use and for the same budget ?

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get the porta pro 2 or the ksc-75 or ksc-35. great sound for the price.
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but I will have a better sound isolation with UR40 rather than with porta pro 2 or the ksc-75 or ksc-35 ?
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The koss sportapro,portapro,35,75 are all very open cans. The UR40 has some isolation but with my mods lest isolation as well but because of the closed ear cups when you play the music the ear cups full up with music like full size cans and I hear no outside nose.

I can't head my TV when it is on at regular volume when I use the UR40 with music on. And I would pay 40.00 for the cans if I had to.

The UR40 are very comfortable with a full size sound because of the somewhat closed ear cups.
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You can do better for $40.
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You say I can have better for $40 but which model would you suggest ?
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Is there quite a bit of depth between the speaker touching the ear I guess what I mean is is cushion well so the inside of the muff where speakers are doesn't rub the ears. Hope this makes sense.
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Originally Posted by yomgui

You say I can have better for $40 but which model would you suggest ?
Philips HS900, Labtech elite 840, KSC75, KTXPro-1, there are alot of nice cans for $20. and under. I got all of those including the UR40s, the UR40s have a good sound but if you cant find a deal on em ide get somthing else. I dont feel they are worth $40. when there are just as good for half that.
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Originally Posted by Ch0mp View Post

get the porta pro 2 or the ksc-75 or ksc-35. great sound for the price.


And their drivers can fit inside the UR40, and AFAIK, the UR40s use the KSC75 drivers in a KSC35 housing, that or titanium-coated KSC35 drivers because after poking around inside my dead UR40s (died of a plug short), the drivers looked exactly like that of the KSC35/Portapro/Sportapro, however it says on the housing that they're titanium coated, and I saw a metallic shine on the drivers themselves when peeking through the driver grille on the side that faces your ears, which proves the titanium-coated part.


Of course swapping the stock drivers in UR40s out with Portapro drivers and taking the foam out of the back of the housing, opening up the mesh and exposing the driver from the backside, would make for some pretty sweet-sounding circum-aural open-air headphones, and a recabling either way would help too.

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