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Grado RS1 headband

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I've had 2 pairs of these phones the first one's headband had quite thick leather covering it whereas the second pair are covered in much thinner softer leather which after about a years use is already wearing out (where it touches my head).It would have been better if they had made them with replaceable headbands or have they now reverted back to the thicker leather?
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I also noticed the difference in the thickness of the head bands after looking carefully at a whole load of pictures of these cans. Also the higher models SR-325, and the RS-1/RS-2 seem to have a much wider and thicker head band than my 225s which have this thin head band that almost feels like it's made out of plastic.
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The SR60, and on up to the SR225, have the thin, wide "plastic leather" covering the spring rod. The SR325 has a thinner, seamed version with cardboard padding inside. My very first SR60 (bought in '94) had this version!! The RS-1 has real leather padded headband. Not sure about the RS-2.
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The RS-2 has a real leather headband.
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