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ety ER-4P --> ER-4S adapter: works???

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I got a pair of ER-4P. They sound great.

I made the adapter using two jacks and two 75 ohm resistors between.
I still have no headphone amps, but I can hardly listen any difference with and without the adapter. I'm listening from a portable CD playre (Sony D-E221) and I've to increase the volum when using the adapter, butt the most evident effect is the disappearance of the background noise, using the adapter. The sound is very little affected.

Even from my home amp, from the headphone jack output (not headphone amp, not yet) I can notice no difference with and without the adapter.

What's the matter?
Does the adapter work? Does it really convert ER-4P to ER-4S?
Is the difference between ER-4P and S so light?
What else?

Thank you,

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The differences are subtle.

You will find the background noise from your electronics does reduce greatly due to the higher impedence.

There are differences I have found to both the extreme bass and treble. The bass has even more detail and less 'monotone' to it - you are able to actually make out individual notes rather than just a 'deep bass sound'.

The treble (and we are talking fairly extreme treble) has a little more sheen and detail to it.

As I said, the differences between the two are subtle and, in many ways, I am just as happy with the 4P as the 4S.

I strongly suspect a headphone amp will make a difference. One thing I have found when using the original Airhead, the crossfeed filter does cut out some treble detail. By using the 4P => 4S convertor, you can appear to get some of this treble detail back.
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Thank you, so I've not to expect a big change in sound.

And the fact that with my portable the sound is not bad with the adapter (many say that an amp is needed with ER-4Ss, while the ER-4Ps sound great even without it) means that my portable is able to drive the ER-4S (or that my ears cannot notice the lost in sound quality). In this case maybe ER-4S would have been better: no adapter means things easier, simpler and cleaner.

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