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Ety Anxiety

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Well, I did it! I just ordered the Etymotic ER-4P from Headroom.

I'm not posting this to brag (I'll wait until they arrive to do that!), I'm posting this to thank everyone here for answering all of my questions. (I was going back and forth with 4S-or-4P with adapter cable confusion.) Also, all of the archived material here (reviews and views) was EXTREMELY educational and informative. This is a terrific forum and you guys all deserve a round of applause.

So thanks to everyone here who helped me out.

Does anyone have any idea when the "official" Ety adapter cable should become available?

Damn - waiting for Ety's to arrive gives new meaning to the word ANXIOUS!
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One word of warning - when my Ety's arrived I was kinda pissed off - I really thought they would sound better than they did. Then I learned how to insert them properly in the ears and the sound really opened up.

Don't be too tempted to insert these babies too deeply. Try moistening the tips, gentle plugging them into your ears until you feel that they have sealed, insert disc, plug in, press play, etc and then pull at the top of your ears to equalise the pressure and use the quality of the music as a guide rather than ambient outside noise reduction.

I hope this helps and....... congratulations.

What are you using them with???
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