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I should also mention that the Cary 805c gives you a choice of OHM settings.With 3 sets of speaker posts on the back of each monoblock.

You can select 16,8 or 4 OHMs.THe AkG1000's sound best when hooked up to the 4 OHM speaker posts.

The k1000 sounds much better on the 805's compared to the Cary 300sei I used before I got the 805's.

With the 805's the sound is full,warm, incredibly dynamic and detailed.I don't hear any of the brightness or thin quality people complain about with other amps.

Because I can select the OHM setting .The Cary 805 is also my primary amp for the speakers in my main system.With my soliloquy sm23a speakers i use the 8 OHM setting.
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K1000 Amp Survey

It would seem from the various suggestions as to the best amplifier for driving the K1000 headphones varies considerably, some suggestions conflicting with others. This suggests there are other forces at work which are influencing the sounds and in some ways makes any survey limited although intresting.
Obviously the source will be important whether it is a cd player, record deck etc, likewise any interconnects, speaker leads, and preamp where a power amp is used, and finally how the listener percieve the sounds.
I personally have tried many of the suggested amplifiers and have found the Nelson Pass designed amplifiers some of the best eg First Watt F3/Aleph3. Towards the cheaper end but still producing highly enjoyable results (which is really what it is all about) is the little Sophie EL34 intergrated amp. Ones that I consider as not being really suitable are the Sonic T amps (I have tried the 8 ohm resistor across the terminals but didn't like the results) and Melody SP3 valve amp.
I have yet to try them with my Graff GM20 OTL and EAR 519 valve power amps, I'll save that for another day.
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