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K1000 Amp Survey

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I am trying to get a feel for what amps work well with the K1000’s and their relative performance. If we all list what we have used and the performance achieved it would help people decide what amp might be a good match.

Example: I have used
Rotel RA-820 results were a little less than satisfactory.
ASL MG Head OTL-32 results exceptional performance for the money
Cary SLI-80 results Even better than the ASL, but at $3000 I’m not sure how it stacks up to other amps.
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K1000 + AudioValve RKV MKII = Sonic Bliss (to my ears, of course)
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I use Quad II's and like them and have tried Grant G60AMS. The Quads work well for me so I have not really listened to the Grants other than casually but they worked.

A buddy has a Wytech Labs Topaz (for that 106 pounds of single ended sound) in the shop he works in I will have to get over to his place and try it but he lives in another city I only visit a couple of times a year.
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My K1000's sound amazing with my Cary SLI-80 Signature amp. Best combination I've heard with K1000's.

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VAC Renaissance 30/30 30 wpc 300B PP tube amp

Marsh A200S

Sonic Impact tripath

All 3 work great, but I'm spending most time with SI b/c it's so darn small and fits right next to my laptop. I'm using Emprical Audio Modded Transit line-out to Sonic Impact.
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K1000 + Grace 901 amp = High detail, highly accurate imaging, on the bright side, though. Just barely enough power, but loud enough for all but those with hearing damage.

K1000 + AKG SAC K1000 amp = High Detail, not as accurate imaging, not bright, a bit more bass, a lot more power, enough to make you deaf.

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For the K1000, i'm sure the Manley integrated "Stingray" ($2,250 retail) is a great, great choice. (Don't forget to ask the hard wired Triode mode option )
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IMHO The RKV is a very good partner to a pair of K1K. Have enjoyed the setup a lot especially for classical/jazz.

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Unfortunately, I don't have first hand experience with either, but expect the AKG K1000 and KG Dynahi to be potentially an awesome pairing.

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Prehead is very accurate but puts out a little less volume than I would like.

The Fisher 400 (via speaker posts) is the best I have heard, but I haven't heard any of the other aforementioned amps.
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A few of the amps that I've heard are as follows:

ASL MG-Head DT/OTL-32 (what I have now): not bad, but not exceptional at higher volumes (which is fine for me)

nOrh SE9 (used to have): I like it too, it's probably a bit better than the OTL-32

Fisher tube amps (several): Better bass response, can be a bit bright, depending on tubes used, but overall quite nice

RKV: I only heard it for a short time, but I liked it. Pretty good amp IMHO

Adcom GFA 535 (and other SS amps): Too bright for my taste....

I also know someone who has used the ASL Wave 20's and even Wave 8's to drive the K1000 with good results. Most tube amps that I've ever heard do pretty well. I don't think that these cans do well with solid state amps, and they should be avoided.
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A dark horse

If you can get hold of one, a great dark house for driving the K1000 is the SM SX1, the combo is superb with great bass, smooth treble, very good imaging and soundstaging, wonderful sense of space and most importantly it is not bright. Thinking about it, this is combo has does fast transients very well, Rock music ride on
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I always felt that if i ever purchased the K1000,and that unlikely until it "looks" better even though it sounds tremendous,that i would finally have an excuse to build the Nelson Pass Class-A amplifier decribed at the Pass DIY website and the very first published N.Pass DIY amp.

20Watts pure class A seems a perfect match and that is what i would be looking for in an amp meant to drive the K1000.
not a headphone amp but a low power 5-25 watt class A power amp meant for driving loudspeakers .
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i prefer the h.h. scott 222b over my refurbished fisher 400. but i would go for a h.h. scott 299b or c if i did not have a stock melos sha-1 which did it for me.
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Anyone wanna lend me an AKG k1000 to test it on my sophia el34 tube amp?
Im from florida .
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