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Quality Guru,
I'll let you know what I think of them compared to my HD600 and various Grados. Honestly though, the only Grado that I've really taken to are the SR300 (which I'll be sending in for repairs). The RS-2, I'm really trying to like them but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. The SR325 seems, to me at least, are a compromise between the RS-2 and the SR300.

the sr-001mk2 appears to have a fit similar to earbuds than to in canal phones (where one would have to insert them into the ear canals). I personally could never get comfortable with the Etys, even after trying to like them for over a month.
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I have an old pair of Stax electrets, they are quite revealing and neutral, you wont get any pumping bass out of them, but the midrange (vocals in particular) are magical. I assume that the newer electrostatics are way better than what i own.
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the pictures of these things is very deceiving. It looks like they are about the size of normal earbuds, like the mx500 and they have a little part which goes in the ear canal. This really isn't the case. They are a lot larger than that, and they actually sit outside the ear with the part that looks like it would go into the ear canal being the only part that actually goes in the ear. It does not go into the ear canal.

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However, I found true neutrality with Stax, even in the Basic II, that I have not yet heard in any other headphone including the Etymotic
Then you haven't heard the Etymotic 4B yet.
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Hmm... if these descriptions about the fit of these 'buds are true, then I have just one question: Why the hell would anyone choose these over the Etys and cite the fit as the reason?!

About the Stax 001 earpieces: The site says that the tips are made of silicon rubber. My old Aiwa earbuds were tipped with the same material and they cracked, faded, and lost their rubbery texture quite easily. After my experience with those 'buds, I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy headphones with silicon rubber pads, unless their replaceable, because they don't seem to last.
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The SR001 Mk2 has rolled off highs but has plenty of bass which you can dial in somewhat by rotating the earpiece. In the maximum bass position (leads facing straight down) I would say the bass is slightly boosted if anything.

I've never been able to wear etys but the stax doesn't go very far into the ear and therefore is more like a earbud as darkclouds states. I still prefer over the ear headphones myself, so I'm selling my stax. If the two people that pm'd me earlier aren't interested any longer, I'll be posting them shortly.
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Does anyone else have a hard time believing this "LTUCCI1924" person?
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a lot of people don't seem to like the fact that etymotics go so deep in the ear. The stax don't go deep in the ear at all. They are totally different in fit, and thus probably appeal to different people.

As far as the silicon rubber tips go, they are removable and replacable, and in fact come with an extra pair. I believe they are supposed to be different sized (there are medium and large tips) but I haven't tried the other ones. The ones that it came with on already worked fine for me.

The manual lists a part number for the tips, so I assume you could order more.

I don't think these headphones would appeal to everyone, and I am certainly not arguing that etymotics users should switch. Different things for different people... I would just like to gain some exposure for these headphones because I really enjoy them, and they seem far less popular than the etymotics.

I believe they provide a reasonable alternative for someone looking for some high quality portable headphones. Of course, the etymotics don't require batteries if you use the 4P without an amp...

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A Team 001 in the making?
My experience with these phones [had mine for over a year] is
generaly good,as I have mentioned before the rolled of top is
my only real complaint, bass? seems fast deep and punchy to
The silicon tips on mine do not show any sign of degradation.
These phones are quirky things but I love them,but boy I would bet the transducer is better than the amp.
Also 001 owners do try a full DC 4v [absolute MAX] power supply
it improves the sound no end compared to the on board supply.

As yet Stax have not been back to me regarding their plannned
new portable system [not replacing 001 but additional] but
I will continue to hound them...hehe.

Good listening

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I just found out what they ment by we will charge you now and you can pay MAY 10th. My credit card co. said that it is a deferred payment. I think that this is nice. they put a hold on the payment but dont take out the money untill you get the cans. Very nice. I am starting to really like these guys overseas. Good customer relations.
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