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***GRADO Super-Site, a proposal.***

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I propose the start of a Grado information/fan site, a sort of compendium of the information on Grado headphones that you would only find after searching through a multitude of scattered sources. Considering how many repetitive questions these forums get about Grado headphones, a project like this makes a lot of sense. Although the same could be said of Sennheisers, Stax, or Etymotics, I think most will agree that there's a particularly fervid interest in Grado that might be better satisfied with a dedicated website. If anyone has the desire to build a site like this, I'll contribute in any way I can. I think there are other Grado fans who would do the same.

A search through these forums would reveal the relevant subjects. These include:

*Model Comparisons (RS-1 vs. RS-2; SR-60 vs SR-80 etc.)
-Headband modifications
-Foam pad modifications (also clarification on different pads available)
*Amp recommendations
*Alessandro MS Series vs. Standard Grado's
*HP Signature models and other discontinued models (SR-100, 200)
*Places to order, trade
*and more...

We can use this topic thread to make preliminary suggestions for the site, and simply to see if there's enough interest.

A less ambitious project might simply be to create a single web page with the appropriate links to Grado topics, a FAQ really. Thus under "Pad variations" there would be a link here.

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Alert, team Grado is getting organized. The other teams be prepared

The idea isn't bad it can end up as a nice headphone site, but will always be limited only to Grado phones.
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Well if you Grado guys wanted to be REALLY helpful - you should ask if you could create a "super post" in Headphone reviews. One that could have anchors and all kinds of simple things, for easy navigation. Perhaps Jude could "lock" it at the top of the Headphone Discussion Area, and prevent replies....
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Well how about this:

once the headwize archives are available again we should go through them all looking for reviews. Then, create one big monster review for EACH headphone (grado or otherwise). Perhaps create a 3rd party headphone site with all this information on it. This would do a few things: 1. divert traffic away from the forums by sending information hungry users to the "database" 2. create an incredible, organized, user friendly site (rather than the "search" function).

Now we need a brave soul to put it all together

(I'd be willing to collect and amalgamate the info but i have no cashola for web hosting costs etc....)
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sorry guys, I gots ter move this to the member's lounge.

I like the idea as well. I mean why not? It could be fun!
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A separate review site is a good idea IMO.
We can have reviews about most of the popular phones and some amps too. The problem is how do we select the reviews. I haven't seen a single phone that gets consistent results. I mean there are always good and bad reviews. Now, pick a popular phone such as HD580 or HD600 for instance. There're perhaps 100 usefull reviews on these, I mean reviews not just short opinion posts. Most of them are positive but some are negative also. How do we select them or we just put all of them. Perhaps the latter is the most objective.
Another idea hanging in my (otherwize empty) head was to run polls on say 6 or 7 most poular phones and save the poll results. This is something like the headphone community ranking. We can include some Senns Grados Sonys etc. What do you think about that?
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I think a small detailed gallery would be awesome.
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