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Locking RCA Connectors

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I have a question for anyone who has cables with locking RCA connectors:

Does the locking feature make it easier to connect and disconnect the cables? or does it just make a tighter or looser fit?

For example; some cables are very easy to connect and especially disconnect more smoothly, and other cables have to be pulled very hard to disconnect.

So, that's why I'm considering cables with the locking RCA's.
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My Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0's have the WBT locking RCA connectors, and they are very easy to remove once you loosen the locking collar. The locking feature provides a very secure connection. Vampire also makes a similar connector. I really like the featue as it provides better contact with your components.
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I have a couple different brands of cables with locking RCA's. The DiMarzio M-Path and OutLaw Audio PCA. I prefer the OutLaw's The locking action is smooth and secure, both insertion and removal.
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Locking RCA interconnects are soo good to use. But they dont quite fit on my cd6000ose...its a very very tight fit.

Apature accusound silver bl4s cheap too
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In general I like locking RCA's. I've had enough issues with loose connectors coming off over the years to really appreciate an RCA plug that holds on tight, and lets go easy. I've used locking RCA's from MIT, WBT, Apature, and a couple generics whose name I don't know...


If the female plugs are too close together, it can be a pain to unlock them. The width of the plug can put them very close together...sometimes too close to use them

Some locking RCA's can damage the female jack, particularly if low quality materials were used to make the jack.

There are some very good non-locking plugs out there. I've used DH-Labs and Cardas with very good results.

These caveats aside, I still prefer a locking plug.
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Ditto, Silver Audio 4.0/WBT here--works great.
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Locking RCA connectors are good. They never need tightening, and always have a perfect fit (Because they are adjustable). WBTs are fat, so make sure there is enough room on your equipment.
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IMHO the connectors on the DiMarzio cables are rather frustrating to get off, especially if you've tightened them down...
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I have about a dozen or so CatCables with locking RCA's.. Gotta love 'em, especially if you've experienced the " Monster Death Grip "
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