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Originally Posted by Rendell
Well I opened it up and played with the connector leads - checked connections -- everthing looks good - - repositioned the wires going to connector to releave so pressure to the connection. Put cover on and fired it up -- seems to be work ok
Glad that worked out Rendell Now that you opened it up does a desire to mod burn from within?
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I got my Woo 3 today. I put some GE 6bz7's and a JAN Chatham 6as7 in the amp. I hooked it up in my desk setup: music hall cd-25 level 3 mods> mit#2> Woo 3> senn 650/ oehlbach or senn 650 stock cable. This amp is excellent. For comparison, I like this 6as7 based amp much better than the Eddie Current hd300 I owned. From what I remember, I like this Woo 3 better than the Eddie Current hd 25 too. The build of the Woo is much better than the EC's IMO and the amp has sturdy chassis mount tube sockets. The design is so clean and functional and just the right size and shape for my desk. This amp was very well thought out.

The Woo has great treble and a clean open sound with the music hall source. The amp has that same naturalness I prize in my singlepowers. This is the budget tube amp to have if your system is neutral to a little dark. I am sure the amp (new tubes too) will open up more I just hope it doesnt change much because it sounds so right. I have been playing with some other manufacturers amps I borrowed and I much prefer this amp to the headroom max, emmeline hr-2 or the mapletree ear+ I have had though here recently. The fact this amp is half the price of the emmeline and one quarter the price of the Max has to make it one of the very best buys in headphone amps. I never at any time, with any music, enjoyed the three amps I mentioned above as much as this Woo.

Well done Mr. Woo.
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Congrats! Sounds like you enjoy the Woo

I also find the Woo3 + HD650 to be natural and musical. This is a setup that I can enjoy for many hours, yet at any time, immerse myself in the music.
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If you can find any Tungsol 7236 tubes you will also be in for a real treat. After about 100 hours the amp will open up more with a nice black background.

I have a WE 421A but I would not spend the money. Either a well matched 5998 or a 7236 is very musical. The 7236 having a more solid and deeper bass and to my ear, very linear.

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ok... I have used the Woo 3 for 2 days. I have not get my HD650's yet but have been using my HD590 and K271s. I was using Corda HA-1 ( 4-3 years old ). I noticed an increase in... well... kinda hard to put in to words but lets say depth in the sound. Echo's and background is more noticeable. I highs seem less bright though ( would this be darker? ). I see sacd_lover said he changed the tubes and talks about a brighter sound. Makes me wonder if I should try a tube change. Or will the Woo 3 improve on the sound as it burns in? But I'm thinking I should wait for my HD650's. Prob get them next month. The stock tubes came in gernic looking boxes and main tube was in bubble wrap. Since I know nothing anout tubes... don't know if this is normal. I was kinda expecting brand names to be on the boxes...
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Some of those boxes on the older tubes will start to fall apart over time so the seller will put them in the generic white boxes you're talking about.
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These are most likely bulk packed tubes so this is not abnormal. Let it burn in for 100 to 200 hours. There are so many tube combinations you have a world of sound at your ears to try.

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John, pretty please with sugar on top?
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Yes ....

I would also like the drawing's!! Please please......
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I'll see what I can do.

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John the mod god

Thanks for considering helping us take it to the next level. I am about 90% certain on some of the ideas. But I am poor and if I blew up my Woo I don't know what I would do.
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What I am going to send is a schematic. Now the schematic just shows the amp as it is. What you replace or change is up to you. I do not have any pictures as I do not have a digital camera. I know pictures are invaluable but right now I have no way to take them and I don't know how to host them, though this should be very easy.

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Thanks John.

One quick question though at the risk of soundong stupid, This is your amp's schematic right?
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Yes? I am not sure what you mean but this is the layout of my amp.

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Well she is giving me a Woo 3 for my birthday.....

Now how can I tell her that I want to mod it? And where do I start? I think I need to just listen to it "stock" first......... Maybe then some tubes? OK, some input here. What tube is the most transparent sounding?
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