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The Official JPop/KPop Discussion Thread.

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Come on I know there are a few Jpop fans here, lets talk Jpop here

What do you guys listen to? I mainly listen to Ayu, BoA, Hikki, Mika, Namie, H/\L, ELT, DAI, and Move..those are about it

Currnetly..I mainly listen to Ayu/BoA/DAI
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Think you can add C-Pop to the discussion?
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Aikawa Nanase, Shiina Ringo, Ueto Aya, Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Bonnie Pink, Akino Arai, probably more.

I'll listen to most of it.
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The Brilliant Green.. but Tommy left to do her solo stuff =(
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How about Love Psychedelico? I find their music very original at times.

I'm also getting my dad to get me Hikki's Deep River cd from HK.

I don't usually listen to music from Asia, but I have heard many good things about this album.
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I use to be into kpop a few years back but stopped listening. It was around the time when HOT disbanded. Some of my friends are still into it and I'll listen to some random songs when I go over their houses and such.

BTW, have any of you guys heard a kpop version of the "Last Christmas" song? It's pretty catchy, but I don't know who sings it. The lyrics go like this:

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special
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I prefer VPop with a little MPop thrown in the mix for good measure.
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I dislike Jpop as much as I dislike Apop, NZpop, and Bpop.

However right now i'm listening HELLOGOODBYE by YUKI. No one likes YUKI. I love YUKI. I pre ordered her new single "JOY" the minute I got the notice in my email.

Speaking of YUKI, I like Judy and Mary also. TAKUYA has released his second solo album, it's really good if you like dance pop mixed with some weirdness and a bit of guitar to taste. TAKUYA has recently played a gig with J from luna sea. I wish I could have seen that.

I like metal. I have lots of X. By X I mean the Japanese one. Speaking of X, I wish "hide" didn't die. The creativeness was awesome. Quoting someone from the Pantera dude shot thread, "I guess metal guitarists aren't meant to live long". Pity.

That's all I have to say about that. I wouldn't want to appear otaku now would I?
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Originally Posted by YamiTenshi
Think you can add C-Pop to the discussion?
Heh sure why not, I also listen to CPOP...like JJ, Chou Jay, S.H.E, etc..

I'm also getting my dad to get me Hikki's Deep River cd from HK.
Yea that is great album but I'd perfer her single collection, it is even better..

But I really disliked Hikki's new album..and Ayu's coming up new album My Story..I heard the preview of it.

What are some good Aikawa Nanase's good albums? I may try them out and what are some good songs by her?
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Originally Posted by ricola_pak
How about Love Psychedelico? I find their music very original at times.
I was going to post on Love Psychedelico when I saw this thread title. I loved their first two albums, wasn't so big into III until I saw them live a month or two ago. But ever since that concert, I think III has been the most played on the iPod.

Just great to find a band who aren't ashamed to just love straightforward rock and roll. Naoki does a great cover of born to be wild! Just plain fun.

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I haven't listened to Jpop in a while, I must admit. When I listened to it heavily, I was a big fan of Utada Hikaru, Ayumi, and Move. I still am a big fan of Utada - "Wait and See" is still one of my absolute favorite songs.

I've started to listen to a lot more Cpop recently - Jay Chou is nice, but overplayed here in the states - it's as if the Chinese people around here don't realize that there's a Cpop world outside Jay Chou. I absolutely love F.I.R., and Tension and David Tao are amazing too. And then there's the old stuff...I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I listen to lots of Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung.

a1, are you talking about Utada's english album? I listened to previews of that and wasn't impressed...
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"Exodus" was a really terrible album, to the point of being derogatory to Utada Hikaru's talent.

"Deep River" is great though. You should like it. If you find track 6 annoying at first, wait a few weeks. I had the same issue, and now I like it (as in I don't skip it every time it comes up lol).

From Aikawa Nanase, check out "ParaDOX." Her second album, and probably her best. Also "crimson," "FOXTROT" and "purana."
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Hmm...Aikawa Nanase, you say? I've never heard her...what genre does she do? Is she more a technopop a la Ayu, or a more R&B type voice like Utada?

Either way, I'll be more than happy to give her music a shot.
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Aikawa Nanase is awesome, she's one of my favorites! Though, she's really more JRock than JPop, most of her music is fast and driving. Foxtrot, Purana, and ID are all terrific albums. I need to get around to checking out her newest albums.

Along those lines, though w/ a slightly stronger pop influence, check out "A.I.R." by Rina Aiuchi.

I also need to see what Akino Arai has made recently. I have a few of her older albums that I quite enjoyed.

And here's my mandatory recommendations for Megumi Hayashibara and Maaya Sakamoto in a JPop thread.
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