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Walwart For 4.5v/9v TAH

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Hi all, since Headroom's 'official' walwart for the new Airhead/Total Airhead has not come out yet, what would a good substitute be in the mean time?
I'm currently looking at some 3-12V variable Radioshack adapter with a 800mA rating.
Since the old TAH's Ault 5v walwart could output 1150mA, would 800mA be sufficient for the new TAH? MOre importantly, would a higher rating improve the sound?
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I was going to go through my old wallwarts and find one for my 4.5 TAH. I asked Headroom about specs, here is what they said:

The specs you need are as follows 4.5-6.0 regulated preferred 500mH minimum center tip positive.
I don't understand the reason for only going to 6.0 volts when the 9 volt TAH uses the same circuitry as the 4.5.

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danny from Headroom pointed out that the 9v and 4.5v share the same circuitry, so I assume the 9v can be powered with a 4.5v source too. The specs Headroom gave out were prob. just the minimum requirements for the new AH/TAH.
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