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hd280 bass

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well i just got my 280's today and upon first listening to it, i wasnt all that impressed. Okay i admit that i havent really breaken em in yet but thats not the point. Upon listening to them, i expected V6 like bass, but it wasn't there. So i was thinking okay, maybe it needed more breakin in or something, so i started fiddling w the cans. When I pressed on the bottom of the cans, the bass just suddenly filled my head. So this got me thinkin, maybe the initial impression on these phones were negative because of the fit of these phones. Cuz i mean there's no way in hell that they couldve missed the bass (unless of course they were infact preproduction models). It just seems that these cans arn't tight enough ( unless i just have a small head, but people say i have a big head, but i guess its big compared to other asian heads so its really not that big) anyways, do any of u other guys with the 280's notice this? Know of any ways to make the headphones tighter? I've tried movin the phones all around my head for a better fit but nothing seems to do it.
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My 280s are very tight, not uncomfortably so, but very snug. My head is pretty big though. You should definitely hear at least V6 style bass from the 280s right out of the box. I don't think tightness is adjustable, but maybe someone else has some ideas... If it's any consolation, the V6 is somewhat looser, so those would have landed you in the same boat.
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hm... the bottom of mines seem to have just a slight opening, and i cant seem to get rid of it. It just doesnt go deep like the v6 w/o pushing on the cans.
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Also, mind that over time the pads will compress and get somewhat thinner, bringing the driver closer to your ears. This will increase the bass.
My head is rather small but they fit good and the bass is very good, deep and tight.
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have you contacted Senn? I am thinking maybe that your 280s are abnormally loose (i.e. manufacturing defect) or alternately maybe Senn could tighten them up for you by modifying them with a different tensile strength if you send them back. Keep us posted as to how this works out!
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