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Originally posted by darkclouds
Just put in an order for the cardas... I am finished!!!
I've never heard or said that one.

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Cardas -arrived this morning-thanks headroom!!
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I thought headroom was getting them in today. That's damn fast Gear.
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so how are they GEAR?
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I called Headroom today for the Cardas. I was told they had 25. All gone bye-bye. They have 5 on backorder. They expect more on Monday.

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Got the Cardas cable up-grade for the 580s today, 24 hours after placing my order with Todd at Headroom. I paid for second day Fed-X ($7) and they are expected monday low and behold there here in 24 hours!! Way to go Headroom/Fed-X .

The build quality is excellent, the sound is great. Only listened for an hour and am satisfied so far, have them burning in as I type. The bass response is much more extended with no loss to the crisp treble.More listening required. These cables are difinitely a fine upgrade to an already superb product.
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I got my cardas cable today! I'm happy with it so far. I listened to the Stereophile Test CD 2 with them tracks 1 and two. The bass guitar sounded very similar to the bass using the stock cable, on track two the drum solo, the difference was more apparent. The midrange is very pure and clean using this cable vs. the stock. I am pleased by the build quality as well, I wasn't expecting them to be robin's egg blue though, but the important thing the sound is improved and I'm sure it will improve with break in, not sure about the science behind this, anyone care to explain cable break-in? Overall though it is an improvement and more than a minor tweak.
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Originally posted by session76
I wasn't expecting them to be robin's egg blue
Blue? Got a digital camera?

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I'm so jealous!! I have been without my HD600's for soooo looong. Please get here soon cardas cable!!!
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They look exactly like the prototype picture in Jude's review. They are baby, powder, blue. I have a digital camer and am looking for the usb connector, once I find it i'll post a picture unless someone beats me to it,

So far I'm enjoying it except, I must admit, for the color.
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How's the flexability compared to the stock or Clou's?

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it's pretty stiff, as stiff as the wire connecting my keyboard to the computer. Compared to the stock cable which is like a piece of spaghetti in it is much stiffer. Not as stiff as the clou. The cable is manageable , it coils nicely on the hanger that I hang my senns on and doesn't get snagged by my foot when I stand like the stocks invariable wound up doing. Happy with the sound
My cheap POS digital camera blinked out so I can't post a pic, but it looks exactly, trust me, like the pic posted on Jude's review, except for some writing on the plug which is massive, which says "Custom Hand Terminated by The Silent Terminators" and the Cardas Nautilus logo. This phrase and the logo are also printed on the Y junction. The plug is I assume nickel and not gold plated.
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Now this is weird. I just placed an order for the Caradas. Now my right channel is cutting out when I turn my head. It seems like it is inthe cable going into the connector. Weird Huh???? Come on Fed-Ex

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yeah, I saw the color of the prototype, and assumed it would change when the final went to market. Nope. But it is growing on me I really like this cable. It is stiff but not unmanagable, and the sound is great!

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I thought the Red Clous's I had made a statement. What are these cables saying?? I know it's the sound... Come on Fed-Ex.

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