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Cardas Cables @Headroom

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So who ordered the Sen replacment cable by Cardas from Headroom? I think I saw a thread they were taking orders today.

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I ordered one.

I hope I am not too far down the list

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I'll be joining the list very, soon.

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i am waiting for the second flood of reviewers.

hoping someone would prefer their stock cable thus selling it to me at a fraction of the cost. BAGS!
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I've never seen any stock HD600 cables for sale, except at Headroom.

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doh! selling the cardas not the stock LOL!
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Oops. Hooked on phonics!

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Just ordered it!! Yippeee!!
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I ordered one too.
Todd said that they should ship on friday
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Cardas ,Cardas,Cardas -I will see you friday!!!
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I'm waiting for the 2nd round of reviews too.
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er... how do I go about ordering the cardas???
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Call 1-800-828-8184 to order them
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lol... I thought there was a wait/pre-order list I had to be on. Anyways, I tried that number earlier but got "mailbox is full".
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Just put in an order for the cardas... I am finished!!!
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