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I e-mailed eiflcorp@netspace.or.jp and am going to buy the stax. I just would like to know the difference between the 2001 and the 2001mk . I would also like to know the senseativey at db at one m/w and what the omage is, I am waiting for his e-mail and then will buy then right away. would it be great to have supper earspeakers for portable use. I think that the members at head-fi are going to spoil me in a nice way. just think that befor i die I can say wow I had great sound and all because of the members on head-fi.
thanks for being here to help and informed an old man get more out of his favorit mysic pink floyed. echos, comftably num, us and them,grate gig in the sky, money,piges, sheep, dogs, astronamy donamom and so much more. and all in a sound that I never had. befor. head-fi is what I have been looking for only in my dreans. but now it is a reality. You know I whent to alantic city an. blew 6or 700.00 and got nothing to show for it. now I will have a lot to show for it. Thanks head-fi members
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um, I know eifl has the original SR-001 listed but I am not sure why someone would be inclined to buy that one. the MK2 is a more recent (initial manufacture 1997 as opposed to 1995, if I remember my timelines correctly) and slightly modified version, with a couple slight improvements. Unless the non-MK2 version is significantly cheaper, certainly buy the MK2 version.

EIFL is pretty good about returning email. Once I completed the order with them, they were shipped and recieved in about 2 days. $40 shipping seems steep but it is from japan, and it is pretty quick.

Congratulations on your (soon to be purchased) SR-001!

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This is an interesting thread!
I bough the MX500 to use at work, most people here use very discrete earbuds, so being discrete is essential. You don't see anyone wearing HD600s or CD3Ks.

Plus, being able to notice some outside noise and removing them easily (when someone walks up to you to say something, it is often necessary to remove them) is essential. I guess this elliminates the Ety possiblity...

I'm reasonably satisfied, they aren't bad for earbuds, but they still sound like something that cost me $15 and aren't all that good.

I spend hours listening to the MX500 but all that time I'm wishing I had my home headphones here. And so, here I am... still looking for something that sounds close to my Sennheiser HD590 and Sony MDR-CD3000 but in a discrete earbud format... :-)
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