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Is there a better earbud than the MX500

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I have a pair of sennheiser MX500. Are there a better earbud that are about the same size because I am useing an adapter with them that fits the MX500 just right. These sound so good that I woundered if it could be possible to get an even better earbud at any price. The MX500 are 17mm big.
Thank you
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I've never heard the MX500 but pending another's response, I very much enjoyed the Sony MDR-E888 earbud. You may also want to try the Sony MDR-EX70 earbud which provides better isolation than the E888 and reportedly more bass -- I haven't heard this earbud either, though. If you really want to spend more money, you should try the Etymotic ER-4S or ER-4P -- I have the 4S and it's simply the best sound I've ever heard from a truly portable headphone.

What sort of adaptor are you talking about?
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but you might want to check out Etymotic ER-4 canalphones.
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The sony mdr ex70lp is to small for my adapter. I have owned the etys er6 and didnot like them. How big are the 888 are they 17mm. My adapter is slicksound wich puts the earbud in my ear canel and dont need a special seal. I would need a large earbud if there is something better that the MX500 or if not I will just stay with these.
Thank you for your post
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I don't know the exact size of the E888 -- I suggest you try Sony's website. http://www.sel.sony.com
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The sony 888 are 16mm but do they sound better than the MX500? The MX500 coast 17.00 the sony cost 80.00 but if they sound better price dont matter
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MX500 sounds great, get a JMT CHA-47 amp for it.
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I already have a t/a amp and it all sounds grate I just thought that maby there was a better earbud out there. You know how we are, always looking for something better. But I will take your advice and be happy with the MX500. By the way, do you think that my total airhead amp is ok?
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Beats me, never heard one. It doesn't hurt to try out either a JMT CMOY or CHA-47 though. If it's any constellation, I like the sound of my CHA-47 more than what I got from the HeadRoom Supreme. But fair warning, my preferences in sound is very different from the majority here at head-fi. You can read my thoughts on the CHA-47 here.
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Stop spelling "great" as grate. I would threaten your meager, pointless life but that's probably illegal.
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I read your post on the amp. I have aways seemed to have trouble with 9v batt. the connectors would often breake. Maby I am a little to rough on them. But since I already have an t/a and the sensatevity of the MX500 is 117 at one m/w I guess I have enough power for earbuds. But sometime this week I should get my philips hp-890s. Fri. will be two weeks since they were shipped. Now they are supposed to be easy to drive also and with my t/a I should have enough power for them also, if not I will look up your amp.
Thank you for your response
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Yes, LTUCC . . . there is a better ear bud out there beside the etymotic er4s. It is the Stax earbud- go to the top of the 'featured headphone reviews' section and click on the review of it by Driftwood; it describes very effectively the capabilities of that Stax earbud.
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I've got the MX400's they sound great, better than any of the Sony's that I've heard.
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The Quality Guru

These stax 2001 earphones sound like the best that I could get. I would really like to talk to Driftwood about these. I will wait till I get my hp-890s and check them out and if I still fell the need for real good earphones I will try to get intouch with him. Thank you so very much for bringing these to my atention
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MDR-E888 & SlicSound = MDR=E888 & Groove Plug Mod

...thats what I get the impression of anyway... and, way back this time last year, we were all busy modding our E888s to get this better sound, but it ended up being too rich, lossy in the treble.. and generally disjointed.
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