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Sold items: Pimeta and a custom IC.
He paid before he had to and he also answered all of questions promptly.
Very nice young was a pleasure dealing with you sir.
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Well, it took 5 years, but head-fi has officially sucked me in, haha. Since I figure I'll be making more transactions here, I wanted to post links to some other feedback on me since I haven't established much here on head-fi.

Heatware: [ ]
eBay: eBay Feedback Profile for canislayu
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Great transaction

Bought a Pimeta from CANiSLAYu and it was a perfect transaction. Amp was as stated,fast shipping, good communication and very friendly. Thanks!
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Positive feedback for CANiSLAYu. I sold him a pair of RCA cables and he responded quickly and paid right away. Thanks!
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Bought a Maverick Tube Magic D1 dac from him. Transactions went as smooth as possible. I would gladly do business with him again.

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bought cardas.
great deal, very easy transaction.

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CANiSLAYu bought some CDs from me. Payment was swift and communication timely. It was a very smooth transaction and would certainly do business with him again.
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Purchased a pair of HD650s with custom 20g braided and vampire clipped cable.

Perfect shipping, communication, and would definitely deal with again. Thanks!!!
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Purchased a SR225i.

Good communication and prompt shipping.


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Excellent Transaction

Paid immediately, communicated promptly. Great to work with! And he did my favorite thing... he let me know when he received the product. Nice touch! Would easily work with again.

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good to deal with

Bought a set of Shure E2c's from CANiSLAYu. Good guy to deal with, everything went smooth. Would be happy to do business with Ian again.
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sold him lod payed quickly np to deal with
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