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Help, on can selection.

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Here's what I'm looking for-

Semi Easy to power. (I can't afford an amp yet.)
Sealed ("Louder" Enviroments)
$45-$80 Range (I have a set budget..)
Easy to buy in the US (Duh.)
[Sounding good is an obvious prerequsite.]

Any suggestions?
(I'm not looking for any particular brand.)
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That list is an exact description of the Sony MDR-V6...
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Sennheiser HD280-Pro

Lovin' my new 280's. Better than the v6/7506's. At the upper end of your budget but can be gotten for ~$85 shipped.
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Anyone else?


Where would be the best place to buy the V6s?
(I'm going to need the Web Address. Or perhaps they can be found at a Best Buy or Circuit City?)
And how much max should I pay for them?

This is going to be my real first Headphone purchase. (Other then ones that came with my players.) Is it a good choice. I need sealed becasue I can hardly ever get it quiet in my house. I'd get SR 60s but most say there not good for loud houses. And I don't want to turn it up too loud at all.
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If you have a Fry's Electronics, they stock them (at least the ones here in California do), but be prepared to pay full MSRP ($79.95) for them.
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You're best choices are the Sony v6's or the HD-280pro's. It just depends on how much you are willing to spend. With the more expensive senns your going to get better sound, comfort and definitely isolation. It just depends on weather you want to spend the extra dough. The v6's are still ecxellent phones, just not as good, and that is why they cost less. Oh, and the v6's fold up more compact so they are better for portable applications, while I would reccomend the 280's for those times when you won't be walking around with them on, or toting them around with you. In your case since you'll be sitting around at home trying to block out noise the sennheiser HD-280's are a better choice, but then again are you willing to spend the extra 25-30 samoleans?
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I just heard...

...the Sony V6's this past weekend and, for the price, I was shocked. From a POS headphone jack on a POS CD deck, I heard a very pleasant soundstaging depth/width and a very liquid, musical sound.

It was a short audition, but I really liked it. My pair are on their way as we speak (should be here in two or so days from etronics.com) and I'll post more as I listen.

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Etronics price seems really low. Could I even dream of finding them cheaper. I'm almost ready to buy...Should I? It's up to you guys.
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I think Matt has a Sony fetish.
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In my opinion...

...ignorance truly is bliss in this hobby, especially if you are on a limited budget. If you rather not this hobby overtake you completely, I would just go with the V6's from etronics, be relatively blown away (if you're only used to stock crap) and end it there.

Personally, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about anything else until you have around $1000 cash in your hand, ready to blow looking for a bigger, better rig. I've spent a whole hell of a lot more than that and my first "good" cans (or so I thought at the time) were some Koss TD-60s, which costed a whopping $39.

How does "$39" become "$1000+"?

(that was meant as a rhetorical question, BTW).

I guarantee you'll end up spending at least that much if you get into this analyzing, critiquing, comparing and drooling-over-your-neighbor's-rig ********.
Though you'll be a happy fool on your particular sort of drug, you'll still basically be a fool.

- Matt
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
I think Matt has a Sony fetish.
I know you're just teasing, but you gotta get over this sony hate, man

yeah, V6s are bizomb for the money and sound almost the same amped or unamped.
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buy... buy... buy... you know you want to....


(how's that for a useless post?)
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Sony Fetish O' My Heart...

Well, I've now heard those dag-blasted MDR-W07's in a new light, Audio: against Etys.

While they are not nearly as transparent or clean overall, they are warmer and more pleasant AND they actually have character, something that Ety's have none of (and to me, that sucks). Plus, they have all of the cool-ear comfort of Etys with none of the sucking feeling, seal variability, "there's something deep inside my ear" feel or any of that.

They're rolled at the top and a bit hashy, BUT they make midrange music more evident than W100s and have more of that "saturated" master tape feel to them. Again, they have character and it's really nice.

To me, the whole "oh yeah, well my cans go clear on up to 5MHz, bitch, so eat it!" or "Man, my **** has the SLAMMIN' bass, dudes!" is kinda like that pre-historic standby, "my dick is (so) big."

Frankly, I don't care if your dick is 14" long. Firstly, it won't fit into any woman I know, and secondly, while it's fine to have that, what about technique? I am still (overall) happier with the high- and low-rolled, colored, boxy bassed but brimming-with-character W07's than I am with the W100s or Ety 4S's.

In any event, hopefully etronics will hurry the **** up and deliver my bloody V6's so I can compare them to the aforementioned cans. My brief experience with them last weekend at some stranger's house was pretty damned impressive, but we'll see.

- Matt
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Matt, your posts are almost always vulgar and always fun to read. I like the fact that you put things into perspective.

I'm not sure what I think about coloring. I like my sennheisers because they are slightly colored in a way that is euphonic to me. Then again, I may like senns because they are less colored than other phones... I need more experience.
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