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Yes, it works fine without the batteries.
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Alright aweesome! thanks
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just an update - with the gain switch and bass boost switches on, the SM drives the DT770 like a champ. My friend was groovin to the beat - it was the first time he's heard the Darth Beyers too, and for the SM to drive the 600 ohm beasts like that was definitely a plus.
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Just pulled the trigger on SM today

Now I have to buy my first headphone...

I was thinking of Senn 580/595/600

Any advice on a choice?

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I have a little question..

is it normal for the impedance switch to make the volume go down abit and that most of it is from the left channel? I would say around 75% of the sound coming out on my left ear, and 25% on the other? I have a feeling it may not?

I tested this with fresh batteries, and tried it with the E5C and the HD280s and still the same issue.
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did you try different songs?

it might be the way the original mastering of the song works with the crossfeed
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I have tried the impedance switch (D-EJ2000 --> Headphile Blackcoral mini-mini --> SM --> AKG501), and I would say, yes, the volume does go down with the impedance switch enabled, but equally in both ears for me, using seven different recordings.

I would email Xin and ask.

Nice rig Rellik! The D-EJ2000 works well through the line out with the SM don't you think?
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