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New Orleans BBQ Shrimp + Senn HD280

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I went to lunch at Heaven on Seven on Friday and had my favorite dish New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. I love this place and try to stop by every chance I get. Since I was right by Virgin Megastore I decided to pick up the new Senn HD280 closed headphone. It's a rather plain looking headphone with plastic all around. The first thing I would like to do is replace the pleather ear pads. They look very ugly and in the summer time will probably make you sweat like a pig. The headphones fold like the Sony MDR-V6 but are not as compact. Warning - watch your fingers when you fold these headphones so you don't pinch your fingers like I did. My initial impressions of the sound are very good. They don't have the bass extension of the V6 or the Beyer DT 770 but the top end may be a littler better. Bass was well defined though and cymbal hits sounded clear and had very good definition to them. Female vocals weren't as warm as I like but were clear. Overall a good headphone that doesn't do anything really badly.
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I thought...

...your favorite dish would have been "special" brownies or mushroom something-or-other or those neat little happyface candies...

- Matt
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This may not be the proper place to post this, but I saw the topic (New Orleans BBQ Shrimp) and couldn't resist! At first I thought my favorite "N'awlins" restaurant opened a location in Chicago. The place in New Orleans is called Pascal's Manale. Their specialty is also BBQ Shrimp. Just wondering how this place in Chicago compares.... (Since I'm in Chicago on business alot, it could be fun).
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. . . anyways, how long have you burned the headphones in for? I've only got about 20 hours on mine, and I noticed that the bass seemed to tighten up, and they gained a little increase in the midrange area adding slightly more warmth.
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Enigma, you should definitely try Heaven on Seven. It's a great place, but go to the one on the corner of Rush and Ohio streets. I like it better than the original location on Wabash.

Atomicarnage, I've only used them for about 5 hours so far. I'm sure they will get better over time.

Matt, LOL. This would defintely be my favorite place of all time if they served that.
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Damn, that link you posted is making me hungry.
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