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Ety custom earmolds

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What can I expect to pay for some custom earmolds for Etys? I can't seem to find straight answers anywhere...

- Matt
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According to the experts there are only two or three companies that can produce moulds for the Ety's.

I went to my local ear doctor, got some moulds made and they worked well - for a while. Problem now is that the headphones just won't stay in the moulds. I'm getting them re-made but it's beginning to look like they're right - hopefully I will have some success next time round.

Mine cost £50 but I think you're probably looking at $100 or thereabouts.

One useful hint - when you have the impressions for the moulds made, make sure you move your head around, make chewing movements with your jaw, hold your head up and open your mouth wide to ensure you get a good fit. Make sure they take a deep impression too.

I hope this helps.
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How big was...

...the improvement in sound? What exactly improved and to what degree? Marked? Slight?

Do you reckon it's been worth the fifty pounds?

- Matt
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Yes - and no

Sorry to be so vague

Yes - because the moulds appear to give you an easier way to get that wonderful etymotic sound without having to mess around wriggling them around, equalizing the pressure and maintaining it once you're there. The bass is definitely enhanced with the moulds - bags of detail and absolutely ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE SOUND!!!

No - because after you've used them for a while and go back to the normal silicone tips you realise that they still sound bloody marvellous anyway.

Bottom line - if you can afford it - go for it. Don't be tempted to spend too much though - especially if you're using them straight out of a portable - rather go for the Airhead or alternative portable amps - these really make them shine.

One cool side effect of using moulds though is that you almost certainly not get through filters as much due to the increased distance from your earwax.

I hope this helps.
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