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Question about Fixup.net Ety replacement cord

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Quick question: If I want fixup.net to replace the cord for me, do I send them my Ety 4p first? Or do I order the replacement and then send it off? How does it work? Has anyone had Xin Feng and Co. handle the switching? Or has everyone just done it themselves. I guess I really have no faith in myself to do it on my own.
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So far as I recall, the fixup replacement cable is a simple, but slightly risky, DIY swap. You should do the searches to confirm what I think has been said, of course.

Apparently, the Ety's are attached to their cables with two small (and therefore fragile) pins. In principle, one would pull the damaged cord off the drivers very carefully using force in line with their cylindrical shape, pulling by the colored part and avoiding all twisting and off-axis motion.

The risky part is that the wrong force might damage the pins and then leave intermittent contact. That would entail a repair out of warranty, and for that reason Etymotic discourages swapping cables on your own. Still, your search of the forums should yield a good many success stories and considerable enthusiasm for the mr. fixup cable.

Seem too ticklish a procedure? Why not just patch your cable with a little silicon rubber from a tube? If none of the wires are broken, that should stabilize things for some time.

Good luck in any case. I'm not the best one to answer because I've never swapped the cables, but sympathy for another Ety used demands that I point you in the right direction to find what you need.
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Etymotic reply

I got the following reply from an audiologist at Etymotic Research:

I believe the usual charge to replace the cord is $50, unless the earphones
are under warranty or the repair is necessary due to a material or
manufacturing defect. We evaluate each earphone individually and determine
if any repair charges apply. We can call regarding any charges (just
request that when you provide the information below).

This seems like a fair and just procedure. I wonder if I should send it to them for repair and return the fixup cord or try and swap the fixup cord myself. I guess I would feel safer sending it away, unless someone can tell me that swapping the stock cord with the fixup one is not as bad as it seems.
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new cord

You just order the cord and it shows up in the mail. You have to be a bit careful with the pins when pulling them apart, but it is really pretty easy to swap out the old cable for the new one. And once you try the new one you will wonder why Etymotic didn't use this type of design to begin with. I am still amazed at how much better it has made my Ety's - no cord noise, lots more comfortable, and the price is right. My only complaint is that it could be a bit longer, but Xin said that this is the only length that he could get this type of cord in.

MN Dan
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Just a couple of points about Etymotic:

I sent my Etys in to have the cord replaced a few weeks ago. Although they were technically out of warranty (but only by a month or so), Etymotic replaced the cord for free. They also gave me a new pair of eartips and filters, which goes to show why Etymotic is a good reputation among its customers.
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I replaced the cord on my 4Ss with the fixup cord and it was pretty easy. I used a pocketknife to accomplish the initial separation of the cord from the earphone (those things are really stuck in there) and then just carefully pulled out the cords the rest of the way with my hands. The new cable sounds pretty nice. I still get microphonic sound from the section of the cable that is between the earphones and the point where they join together, but from that joint to the end they don't make any noise at all. It definitely elevated the bass a bit and made the Etys a bit more sensitive too. I like it pretty well, although now that I've gotten used to it I'm thinking of going back to the stock cable just to be able to do a decent comparison of the two.
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