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V-6 replacement parts ?

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I traveled by Air this past week and during the 4 hour flight i used my farly new sony v6's to listen to the in-flight movie, much to my regret. After using the bathroom and sitting back down into my seat, I bent the nose of the (thing that goes in to the cd player, etc). You know how those airplane headphone jacks are....the stick horizontally into your arm rems. So now my v6's are bent slightly on the silver knob thingy and only work in one ear.

Where do i get a replacemtn part? Radio shack? Or do i have to order from sony?

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Forget Sony for replacement parts. I found it VERY difficult to get any info, and what prices I did see for parts was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! (try http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer/ss5/custserv.shtml) I ended up getting another V-6 (etronics.com approx $64 inc. s/h). If all you need is the plug, radio shack would be a reasonable place to get one. Just remember to carefully prepare the cable to get good clean connections at the new plug.

Good luck!

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Forget Radio Shack, they sell things for too much money. Grab something like this of mouser.com and solder it on there. Just cut the cord just below the plug, strip the wires, and solder. Viola, new plug.
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Funny that you mention that. Exactly the same thing happened to me on my way to Amsterdam from L.A....I plan to buy a soldering iron and a replacement plug from Radioshack and make my first real foray into DIY.
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I did the same thing on a flight too.

The Sony headphone cord is coated with some sort of insulator. It was very difficult to remove (I used methods described in Headwiz's headphone FAQ).

I couldn't get a soldering joint with the SONY cable. I tried Rat Shack's solderless connector. It worked but sometimes it has intermittant short/open. I have to wiggle it a bit to make it work right.

I ended up replacing the entire cable with a cable I found laying around.
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Here's an update on what happened with my phones, how i fixed them:

I purchased the $3 Wireless connector, which was a mistake becuase i had hte same problem as DVW, in that it went on and off after i pulled the metal sleeve over it. SO i ended up SOLDREING the Solderless connector. WHich works fine now.

So don't buy the solderless, the tiny ass screws are a pain in the ass, plpus they don't work properly becuase they end up touching and ****ing up. Go for the solder ones, it's not that hard.

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