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IRC room for Headwizers/Head-fizers

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Anyone ever consider starting an IRC chat room for the community?

I think it would be a great idea. I'd be willing to set one up on the superchat server if enough people were interested.

Maybe Jude could run one on his server as an alternative.

I'm terribly interested in this myself....real time feedback

- pearle
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count me in

you could count me in here. Mabye we could set up a time for differnt discussions. Sort of like a radio or HAM program. for ex 8:00pm is DIY headphone amp corner. etc etc.
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The problem with this is that it can detract from the conversation that takes place on these message boards. For that reason, I don't think it's a good idea.
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This has been brought up before, I believe. The main disadvantages are that you can't exactly do a search on IRC conversations, and good times for everybody are difficult to agree on. So I vote no.
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I think a web-based forum is exactly the right
media for what Head-Fi tries to achieve.

As for the chat, many people on this board
already use ICQ for example to exchange
personal messages (and that's what a chat is -
IMHO as soon as you stuff more than 4 people
into one chat room you get pure chaos)

Besides, there's really no need for a central authority
like jude to maintain an 'official' chat room. You want
one? Just open your own channel on IRC and you
instantly got one...

Personally, I like the information as presented in
HF and HW much better for it is asynchronous
(ie I can drop by and read whenever I want) ,
searchable, and has more powerful features.

And I really spend too much time here anyway,
so an online chat would be a really bad idea for
me... considering that final exams are starting on


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