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Did you look at the data while using the USB standard drivers or Creative's ?
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Originally Posted by thomaspf
Maybe I am missing something completely here but I just don't understand how devices costing more than 10x this price can not implement this.
why? Creative has an army of both hardware and software developers, they are producing their devices in huge quantities, they simply can afford a bit of research and programming.. audio companies simply don't have anyone to program the USB device or they simply don't think it's neccessary.. if I had someone who can do this for me I'd be producing such USB devices these days with great profit
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I'm very interested in this USD dac, maybe I could sell my Waveterminal U24 and upgrade to the SXD2.
Do you have any idea of the price of this toy?
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probably true but this device should make a nice target for modding.

For professional DACs just take the internal clock and add this as a USB interface. Adding a better DAC and analog stage to this unit falls into this category as well.

For standard DACs just add a good local clock and drive both the DAC chip and this USB interface with it.

For DACs with asynchronous sample rate converters you can upgrade to a USB interface and bypass all of the asynchronous conversion by tying it directly to the independent clock.

Looks like a lot of opportunity to me and I can understand the potential benefit much clearer compared to a modded Transit.


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we are on April, and no news about the availability and price of the SXD2..... Yes, I know, I'm to impatient
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Originally Posted by Cortes
we are on April, and no news about the availability and price of the SXD2..... Yes, I know, I'm to impatient
Actually I received an email from the Canadian distributor a week ago (sorry, I haven't had a chance to post until now).

They're expecting delivery in April, and the MSRP is CDN $1,610, which translates to approximately US $ 1,327. They're offering an introductory price of CDN $ 1,177 which is about US $ 970. Hmmmm $5 less than the Benchmark ... what a coincidence!

This is more than I was expecting actually. I'm comparing it to the Benchmark at US $975, as well as the upcoming PS Audio DAC (no price yet AFAIK).

I'm still thinking the Benchmark will be better for my HD650s since I can go the balanced cable route. If it had a USB input it would be perfect!
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adding USB input to the Benchmark would be actually pretty easy.. it's like having something like M-Audio Sonica inside the DAC box, however Sonica will do 24/96, while Perraux only up to 24/48..
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OracleGuy, thanks so much for the info.
These prices are too high for me. I'll stick with my waveterminal
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the SXD2 is officially shipping and the page is up too, as well as the product manual.

maybe Glassman can digest the technical mambo jumbo and put it in layman terms.. as well as his speculation as to how it will perform?
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misleading claims about the merits of upsampling and the USB part sucks a bad time, I thought those Burr Brown parts can at least do 24bit, but no they are just 16bit/32-48kHz and god knows if bit perfect is even possible otherwise probably nice DAC, nothing special/incredible though.. you can do much better adding Sonica or Transit to an ordinary external DAC of your choice..
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Just picked up the latest post from Paul McGowan at PS Audio, regarding their upcoming DAC (which has USB input):

"No release date yet - or pricing - although it should be under $1K."

He said that he's still tweaking it.

Cheaper than the Perreaux at least. Hopefully it might impress Glassman a little more!
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Well one interesting view on this is that USB Audio Device class is practically limited to USB1.1 (FS) speeds.

The reason for this is that Audio device was defined (in 1998) to use isochronous endpoints and that average USB2.0 (defined in 2000) transceiver operating in High speed mode necessary for better quality (24-bit/96kHz stereo will max out the FS bandwidth) has significant bit error rate which will cause high enough audio packet loss to be noticeable.

I think one confirmation of this issue is on Audigy2NX page:
"USB 2.0 audio support is required for 24-bit/96kHz Multi-channel playback, and simultaneous playback and recording. USB 2.0 is only supported in Windows XP and requires online software update from Microsoft and Soundblaster.com when available."

Which sounds like in HS mode some driver change is necessary (and possibly switch to Bulk transport?)
This is likely outside the scope of standard audio device class.


Did you hava an occasion to see USB traffic from Audigu2NX in HS mode?
Was it standard audio device isochronous transfer?

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I would not put my hand in the fire that all the setup an control messages where fully compliant with the spec but the actual audio data was moved via the asynchronous adaptive mode. According to the guy who showed it to me it was using the standard OS driver.

This mode does not use isochronous transfers and is indeed is subject to the standard USB erorr recovery with 3 retries. I don't recall whether it was USB2.0 but I assume so. There are very few machines today that still have USB1.1 ports.


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There is only one thing worse than being talked about......

And that is not being talked about. If I had any idea how (un)popular I am, I would have come here long ago and really stirred up things.

Originally Posted by Graz View Post
Yea...I saw a ridiculous number of Jocko Homo posts on this and other topics related to digital audio. He has a knack for stating his opinions as facts, but he does seem to be knowledgable. It's kinda hard to take him seriously with his handle & avatar (Twisted Sister lead singer I think?) ... it's just impossible to ignore!


Well, it is hard to take you seriously, sonny, when you can't tell the lead singer of Twisted Sister from the lead singer of DEVO.

Oh, wait......at one time someone at some forum called me and a cohort the "twisted pair". So, for one brief moment of time, you might have been right.

As for the rest of you..........why the hell would Rudy Giuliani want to dress up like Mussolini? It is Mussolini. Don't they teach history in schools any longer? Oy vey.......

Uh, my opinions are facts. Sorry to disappoint you. Especially the part about RCAs not being 75 ohms. I have $500 that sez it can't be so. Anyone care to put their money where their mouth is?

No, of course not. Not any more than I am going to sue Canare for being full of crap. Why would I want to waste tons of $$$$$$ and who knows how many years to prove that I am right? What would it get me? Nothing.

Nope, I want $500 from gullible schmucks like you guys who actually believe that crap. I have $500 and around 40 years of futzing with Time Domain Reflectometers and Network Analysers that sez I am right, and Canare and their willing dupes are full of it.

So.........get'cher $500 out, and I'll tell you where to show up, and when.

As for the guy who calls himself "Audio Engineer"......

I really don't know the guy, but I know enough about him to say that he knows more about this stuff than 99.99% of the folks reading this. We may have minor differences in technical beliefs, but he does know what he is talking about. No idea about "value for money" or technical merit of his products. You may have honest disagreements with him on that, but dismissing his input because of that would be "dishonest".

I'm going back to my hole now. Let me know if I can be of further disservice.

And gather up that $500. I'm getting hungry about now..........

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Just to reviwe this old thread, I have just bought an SXD2, for 25% below the list price (it was a demo-model).
And I am going to experiment with it over the next few week. With all the comments on the USB-input on this device, I am glad I already decided to use the digital S-PDIF output from my HT Omega Claro soundcard, and do a bit of experimenting with different sampling rates.

Just have to get my hands on some cables, and I am on it.
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