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Off topic but:

Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
But lately I've been really fiending for the AD2000 + the Balancing Act which when sourced by a Filburt modded DAC was extremely close to the AD2000 + Zana Deux + ironbut reel to reel rig for me.
I've been reading a lot of comments about the ironbut AD2000 + Zana Deux + reel to reel rig. What was so good about it? Is it the Zana Deux + AD2000 which is the combo, or do the reel to reel have to be there for the magic to happen?
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Originally Posted by Piotr Ryka View Post
All system is good, but you must change preamplifier. I know Grace 902 and I suggest you to find some tube preamplifier, with 2A3 or 45 tubes.
Original grace m902 pre isn't that fabulous IMO, solid and dry with lack of airy and refreshing sound (Some what around $1k pre or less). However, When you change caps in there to blackgate, output opamp to ad8620 with good separated terloids for analog and digital (and also valkyrja wiring with balanced output modification), it'll be true acoustic preamplifier which I truely like it (Some what around $2k or more ). Not to mention with you use with modified dac part (oscon caps, superclock v3, opa627bp for I/IV)

P.S. My tastes prefer acoustic rather than musical so no surprise if you may wonder why I don't use tube as preamp...
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The Grace m902 is a much better amplifier than it is a DAC. Modding it with Blackgates would be money better spent on getting a better balanced headphone amp.
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I agree it is all about personal preference when it comes to K1000 vs. R10. Heard them both side-by-side a month or so ago and found them both to be stellar, yet quite different from one another. I think both were amped well, being used with a TTVJ 307A. I would be blessed to own both, but I am more than happy having the K1000. It is just scary sometimes how well it separates instruments in space. Beautiful.
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Maybe next week I will visit Mr. Waszczyszyn – Ancient Audio owner – to try my AKG K1000 with his balanced four 300B tube amplifier, one from the best in the world, so I, if so, will tell you something about differences between my preamplifier /power amplifier rig against amplifier with splendid CD (Lector Grand) adjustable output equipped.
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Looking forward to receiving my Sony MDR-R10 next week! It will be a LOT of fun comparing them to my K1000's!
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