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Weird Phenomenen - Good or bad MX500s?

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Hi all...

Today I bought (about 2 years behind everyone else) the Gladiator soundtrack... I'm not really sure if the UK one is the same as the US one, but it has to be said that the MX500/E905 combo is totally amazing, completely open, massively dynamic - I can't get over how good it sounds...

BUT - Track 1, there is a wind instrument... and there are two times whilst this instrument is being played where the sound in the right channel seems to disappear - but it doesn't, the SOUND goes, but I can FEEL the 'pressure' of the note in my ear... The nearest I can describe the 'sound' is as if for a few seconds it goes out of phase - but, there is nothing to cancel it out... very strange...

So, is this a fantastic, good, or a dismal thing that the MX500s do? and probably more importantly... can someone please describe to me what is actually going on?
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My guess is you're either not hearing what ever frequency it's reproducing, or the drivers are moving but not making any sound (trying real hard?).

BTW, when I get some spare cash, I'm going to order MX400 and MX500 from HeadRoom to do a comparison.
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I'm listening for it on my new AKG 501s

Let's see, now.....I hear everything......hmm.....no drop-outs.....perhaps the MX500s don't have the great mid-range we all thought they did (there isn't much high-pitched stuff going on in track 1).......hmm....

I dunno.
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At what point of Progeny do you experience it? (minutes:seconds) I'll listen for any bumps or disappearing, I mean fading acts.
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You Should Get SLICSOUND They Sent Me Some From China Their GRATE.


/groggily looks around

Wh . . . what happened to me?!?
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
At what point of Progeny do you experience it? (minutes:seconds) I'll listen for any bumps or disappearing, I mean fading acts.
This CD must be different - Its called 'More music from the motion picture Gladiator' - my track 1 is 'Duduk of the North' - If it is the same... the most noticeable times are... 1m44s to 1m51s and 2m03s to 2m19s
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maybe it's just giving you the very low bass and not the transients you can actually hear...but that would be very odd..
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Oh, I just have the original score. I'll have to download the wav.
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Duncan: You don't have the soundtrack - you have an issue containing all kinds of extra material Zimmer did with Gerrard (sp?) for the Soundtrack that DIDN'T make the final cut.....
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my bad...

Sorry about that Coolvij

With seemingly no-one else having this CD, I'm going to go with Bravers idea of low bass - in this case, if low bass were to go through a pair of earbuds with no distortion (from a portable) but, seemingly flood out the rest of the sound momentarily - Is that a credit to the combo? - I'm not sure.
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Duncan, I have the "More Music..." and the original score.

Let me listen to the CD you've got, at the time marks you mentioned, and I'll let you know what I find.

By the way, the original score is something you must buy if you like the "More Music..." CD.

Be right back.
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Thanks Jude!


Now, the mystery... for good, or bad - will be solved.

No matter what the conclusion, I have to say that feeling of noise, rather than sound - is very strange!

And, Jude - You're right - this is my first what can I guess be called classical CD, and - Yes, I really do like it maybe the worm is turning, and i'm going to start moving from my normal music genre

I'll have to hunt out the correct CD too now - I hope its not too 'samey' though, compared to the one I have?
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There are times when the duduk seems to resonate harder in the right ear, but I'm not hearing what you described.
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Let me try with my Etys.
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Thanks Jude - What equipment were you using?

I've literally scrapped my full size set up... It just doesn't seem tonally right for me - So, i'm portable all the way now... I guess, seeing that you agree that there is more prominence on the one side, that maybe my amp can't handle it?!

Ho-hum... the quest for audio nirvana continues...

Jude, maybe I should add - that i'm listening at 10/10 on my 10mw PCDP... so, quite a lot louder than most mortals here... I don't know if that will make any difference...
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