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Clou Red vs Stock Cable

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That made no sense.

What do you mean when you say bright? I'm thinking there's a misunderstanding here somewhere.
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I have the clou blues and I also feel that they are piercingly bright (far more bright than MS1s (basically grado 125s)).
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for what it's worth there is a glare in the upper frequencies with my clou jaspis red, but it doesn't make the hd580s unlistenable for me. i think it's a matter of system matching: when using the stock tubes on my mg head dt, i prefer the clou jaspis red. lately with either a mullard or amprex in the input tube i've been using the stock cables.

i must admit though that i'm extremely excited about cardas' offerings.

(off topic)
what's up with the socal head-fi gathering?

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Re: Clou Red vs Stock Cable

Originally posted by Nosferatu
... I have read that the HD-600 was bright already
The bass seems tighter with the stock cable.
The Clou Red seems more distant and the stock cable sound is more "in your face". <--what the???
Doesn't that strike you as odd? Maybe he worded it differently than what he meant? Maybe I'm reading it wrong?
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If you change the lines

bass seems tighter with the stock cable
bass seems tighter with the clou cable,

the rest of it makes sense, although I normally think of the senn stereotype as dark...

Carlo- I was thinking we could just wait for the headroom tour.
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Re: Re: Clou Red vs Stock Cable

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Re: Re: Re: Clou Red vs Stock Cable

Originally posted by Nosferatu

OK, let me try...
Clou seems more distant, stock cable not so distant.
Bass is better/stronger/clearer/deeper with the stock cable.
in that case, let me try the ultimate cheapo stock cable mod
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Clou Red vs Stock Cable

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I'm saying what you just repeated (your reasoning) makes no sense to me. Bright is certainly not a word that goes along with the HD600. Distant yes, but it's usually the stock cable that people say is more laid back. I'm not alone when I say this, but Clou cable improves the bass, not degrade it vs the stock cable.

I think you either have your understandings mixed up, or it's your source/amp/interconnects that are causing such weird results. For example, any good headphone sounds like ass straight out of a consumer level source say a Kenwood cd changer, or Sony receiver. I read somewhere that the HeadRoom Little tends to be on the bright side...
What I think is contradicting is that you say the clous are too bright, yet the stock cable is "more in your face". Bright and forward tends to correlate, but you separate the two.
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In my (brief) experience with the Clou blue, I found the bass to be deeper than with the stock cable. I'm surprised to see a different experience reported. I wonder if there was a flaw with the cable. Sometimes cables are not soldered to the connectors well and you could actually lose some of the signal. I realize this is subjective, but it is a possibility.
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
I read somewhere that the HeadRoom Little tends to be on the bright side...
not with crossfeed in and the treble boost off. this is how i use my little and the high-end is wonderfully rolled-off.

i recently demo'ed the clou blues and agree with most of Nosferatu's findings. i think he means that the midrange in the clou is recessed compared with the stock cable. this would give a 'distant' quality to vocals and the like.

but the glare of the clous were unbearable for me. they make my eyes water--and it's not because i'm listening too loud. the clou kinda reminds me of the x-can V2 in that regard.

frankly, it's hard to believe that anyone would recommend the clou cable. the stock cable crushes it, IMHO. and please don't flame me.
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kimber cable ....

i know this is a little off the discussion here but i have tryed some kimber cable to my sen580 and the sound was a big improvement all round.

i was not expecting quite the improvement. All the frequency's were improved . the only trouble is it is the stiff wire.

so this mod would be unaceptable to most as the cable is not friendly in it use. The sound is great.
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