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Cardas N-reference Speaker cable

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Just a few obsevations here. I guess this is a story of system synergy. I had been using Belden 89259 ICs in my speaker system and due to indecision, some inexpensive diy Canare wire for the speakers. It sounded great; I was happy. When I upgraded to Silver Audio 4.0 ICs, scary things happened. The upper end gained extension and air, while the mids got fat and a bit boomy. Good and bad, but overall not a very auspiscious start to a cable upgrade project.

The Neutral Reference cables were on the bottom of my wish list, but after seeing Jude's review, a pair was promptly ordered. These are second-hand units that are properly broken in already.

It turns out that the Silver Audio ICs had been revealing weaknesses in the diy speaker wires. The Neutral Reference cables are amazing. Detal, detail, detail, and lots of air--the midrange has more than regained it's clarity and tightness. Bass extension is noticably improved, and more well defined. I'm happy again.
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I'm glad they worked out for you, man. Though I haven't used the Neutral Reference speaker cables, I'm not surprised you're getting the detail and air you describe, based on my experience with the interconnects.
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Jude, thanks again for the review. So far it seems that the Neutral Reference is a little more forgiving in the speaker cable role, than your experience with the ICs.

Anyway, I await your review of the Acoustic Zen. All I need is one more cable...
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Glad you're liking those Neutral References speaker cables pigmode. I couldn't resist hunting down a used pair of the Neutral References myself after Jude's review since they seem right up my alley, should be here on Thursday.

Yeah, everything's coming together juuuuuuuust perfectly...
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