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Best CD Player for Under $1000

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It can be brand new or even used.
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Some players, though I never heard them, has anyone else?

A3.2 CD Player [This one upsamples]

X-RAY V3 CD Player [This one upsamples]
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Those are very well regarded, very well known Musical Fidelity CDPs.
Musical Fidelity

I've not heard them but have heard good things about them, especially that new little one.
I think all the near 1K CDPs are pretty good.
It'll be about your listening preferences.

Go through the many reviews ?

My contribution:Arcams are polite and smooth with good bass.
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Rega Planet 2000. I may be a bit biased, but that's because I own the best sub 1k player.
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Originally Posted by andrzejpw
Rega Planet 2000.
Has the Planet had a tune-up in the past 4 years? What I mean is does Rega update the DAC routinely like annually? If so then it has to be a great choice.
I do beleive there are real advances in digital playback made every year.
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My time spent with the Rega Planet 2000 (not very long) was positive. It was a very cool-looking unit, a top loading drive. It sounded VERY smooth in the midrange, sort of like a turntable's qualities (and seeing that Rega makes turntables this isn't surprising).
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If you can get the older MF A3CD. I believe it's much cheaper than the A3.2 and heard that there's a tradeoff between A3 and A3.2 where A3.2 gains some it loses some of the strength of the A3 like dynamics(take this with a grain of salt).Myself I own the A3CD while I was searching for a good cdp to replace my ex- marantz cd6000ose. Never looked back eversince.
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Music Hall cd-25 with level 3 mods.
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Another vote for the modded Music Hall CD25. Also, the Shanling CDT100 can sometimes be found for under $1000 used.
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The MF A3.2 is a good-sounding cdp. I briefly heard it against an Arcam FMJ-23. I preferred the MF, as it got my toe tapping while the Arcam didn't. But it was more personal preference, I wouldn't say either player was definitively better, and somebody that likes a cleaner sound might like the Arcam more. Haven't heard the X-Ray line.
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Plenty of folks have been bowled over by the sound of the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000, imported by Upscale Audio. The praise seems especially high when the upsampler board is in the mix. Sadly for me (well, my wallet), Upscale is in my back yard, so I've been hesitating going there, for fear of yet another purchase I can't justify

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Originally Posted by KR...
X-RAY V3 CD Player [This one upsamples]
Listening to the old, common Head-Fi favorite CDPs is fine but I would try to hear this new player as well.
I was just flipping through the Nov issue of HiFi Choice which reviewed it. You can probably still find the issue. I like HiFi Choice because unlike TAS or Stereophile, they don't apologize for saying they don't like how something sounds and they say it quite often. They liked this CDP a lot.
In fact when Musical Fidelity delivered it MFidelity said something like it can compete with the world's best. Certainly they intended to be dramatic and have bravado. Musical Fidelity often makes very bold statements about their new products, but they also can make products that approach those statements. Lately they been attempting challenges towards world class products with their amps, etc. They have a big budget and a very efficient, cost effective assembly line, making there products great values generally. And I'll bet there is a lot of trickle down performance in that little box.

In your place I would be very curious to hear how close they've come to making a credible claim.
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I'll throw in my two cents for the Musical Fidelity A3.2 and Rega Planet 2000. I think both of them are exceptional players. The MF is a bit more neutral and the Planet is a bit warmer and involving. I think it's a tough choice between the two and I don't think you'll go wrong with either one of them.

PS. I haven't heard the Xray v3. From what I read, it's the same player as the A3.2 without choke regulation.
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There is a X-Ray V3 new for less than $800 on Audiogon right now.
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What a coincidence! December's Stereophile arrived in the mailbox and Sam Tellig is reviewing the X-RayV3.

I didn't paraphrase the Musical Fidelity quote very accurately.
"On par or better than most of the world's expensive CD players."

Tellig says, "I haven't heard most of the world's pricey players, and I'm not sure what "expensive" is. I do know that I've heard nothing better for under $1000. In fact, Im not sure I've heard anything better for under $2000."

"I haven't heard a player for under $1000 that comes even close to the X-Ray."

"With the X-RayV3, you'll have CD playback that's close to as good as it gets. I'd say you'll be 88% of the way there."

Wow, I sometimes criticize Sam Tellig for liking too many things too much but the X-Ray seems very promising.

KR... are there no MF dealers on your travels from N.J. to N.Y?
You certainly have the amp & phones to judge it properly.
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