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One of the benefits of virtual audio reality algorithms would be adjustability to your personal ears and the frequency response of your headphones.In the end even head movements could be covered, resulting in total immersion, something that binaural recordings can't provide.
I think this is where "postional" audio is headed at some point and my only problem with it is when they actually implement it as a common feature with all the shortcomings that take place when the "theoretical" is put to the hardware.Lowest common denominator thing.
I magine a system suited to each individual seat or user in relation to the source/visuals.

that last is very big because with a true binaural recording head movement means nothing if your eyes are closed so it is the visual cues combined with the aural position cues that defeat realistic binaural sound because your brain is telling you two different things according to the input.

I also agree with Kram Sacul.No artificial manipulation will ever fool a human into thinking something is other than what it truly is.The above is an "effect" and like surround sound can be enjoyed for what it is but no way will artificially generated signals ever truly compete head to head with an actual recoding done with zero electronic manipulation but simply "microphone" manipulation.

As my example I use not just the binaural but also the stereo recording.There is not one method of ambience extraction,ambience simulation or DSP signal enhancement that will fool a human into thinking a studio recording is actually a recording of a live event.

I have been involved with experimenting with this since way back in the Hafler Dyna Quad to Quadraphonics to Digital/Analog Delay Lines on up to the various surround sound formats.every kind of manipulation of the signal in an attempt to reacreate the "live" in a canned recording and beleive me when i tell you ALL fall far short of the mark !
Many can be enjoyed for what they are,an effect,but none would fool even a ten year old into thinking the artificial stimulous is anything but what it is..

But take a "live" recording done with any miking technique,even poor technique with an engineer having no clue or learning and still there is no doubt as to what it is no matter how badly the recoding is later butchered.

If you want live sound in the home you need to start out with either a one take studio recording (recorded as if in a club,etc) or a recording of an actual live event and for me personally what recreates that in the home is the "natural" binaural recording with headphones and passive Hafler Dynaquad used with a live recording to extract the stray natural L-R information that hits the mics after first bouncing around in the arena/venue.Used with multiple speakers it sounds more "real" in recreating a part of the event than any signal manipulation i personally have heard ever.

Just my opinion.DSP manipulation is coming but make no mistake,it is and will be an effect and not a simulation of the real and just like with "surround sound" will have a place but that place will not supplant the natural recording but more just be an alternative to the two dimensional studio recording.

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I am all for CDs actually recorded using binaural techniques, but I have no use for trying to fake the effect electronically. To me, that is like when the record companies tried to convert mono albums into stereo in the '60s (with, shall we say, less than impressive results!)
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The thrill is gone. I have now heard enough binaural recordings that the effect no longer does anything for me. Unfortunately, most of them do not stand on their own well enough in terms of content to warrant repeated listenings for any reason other than being binaural.
With the exception of Ottmar Liebert, I plan to sell all of mine (either individually or as a package.) If anyone is interested, let me know and I will make a list of all my titles.
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