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DIY troubleshooting network

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We all know that the DIY forum on Head-fi (and headwise too for that matter) get little traffic. Also few people feel like waiting a few days for an awnser to thier question while their amp sits there useless.

So I suggest we get each other's ICQ/AIM/MSN ids so that if we run into trouble we could see if anyone is online and if so ask them if they could help. If it is used in addition to the forums I think it would help out greatly, because the person who is trying to help can also ask a question and get a quick reply. It would still make sense to post the thread on head-fi to :

a. get input from those not online.

b. help people experiencing similar problems.

I'll start. my ICQ # is 20168536 and I am on usualy from 7:00-11:00PM every weekday night.
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I can be IM'd at the e-mail addy on my user profile. I'm on 7:30-4:00 and 9:00-10:00 central.

Not that I'd be much help.

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not required,rickmonster is back in the loop and WILL respond daily from now till............................

If I do not have and answer I will at least blow smoke in a manner that sounds like I know what I am talking about

Back on point , fire away

Rickasaurus Rex
OOh BABY,you so fine rick
Ricklapses (huh ?)

Rick C ,in the house
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