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Terrific Internet source of streaming classical music

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Naxos Web Radio provides 60 channels of classical music in near CD quality sound at a cost is less than $10/year. IMO, this site is magical. Things are divided into 60 categories of classical music, and nothing is repeated for hours and hours. The CD cover of every composition that's played on any of the 60 channels is clearly displayed. The sound quality is terrific. It's like having an FM radio with 60 classical music stations, each providing perfect reception. This site is at WWW.NAXOSRADIO.COM
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Outstanding, thanks for the link!

I know what my PC's browser will be pointed to at the office now (when I'm not on Head-Fi, that is )
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Wow, thanks for the link!
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It sounded like a good deal so I went for the 7-day trial, but I can only get it to work in Explorer and that's the devil's browser.

Has anybody had any luck getting it to run any other way?
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I tried it with Firefox...no joy. I'm sure there's a solution, but I haven't searched around yet.
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This is terrific, Mike. Thank you for posting.
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Ugh... I just e-mailed Naxos about it and this is what they said.

Dear [Factor],

Thank you for subscribing to Naxos Web Radio. Unfortunately, our service can only be accessed through Internet Explorer at this time. We will soon develop platforms for other web browsers including Mozilla. Thanks for your patience.
That could mean one of two things: 1) they are actually going to make it work with Firefox soon, or 2) they get this question a lot and they sent me a meaningless canned response with no intention of following through.
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You FireFox users might want to check out Avant. I believe it's built on IE, but has a lot of good features.
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Can't use Avant. I use a Mac, which means the only real choices are Firefox and Safari.
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This is a very old, probably forgotten for a long time thread. I've been looking at what Naxo's has to offer now and I'm considering subscribing to the Library. For $20 you can listen to MP4 quality files. For $30 (per mnth) you listen to cd quality files. I'm not sure which one I will try first. I'm also curious if I open it in MP 19 if it will use it's software. If anyone know's let me know.

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