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I think Kwkarth is right so far -- based on a half-hour of listening, at most. They have excellent definition and clarity in the mids and bottom, and they're quiet (did I say they were QUIET??).

The sound emerges from a black background, and those damned oh-now-I-see-them veils are lifted. Cliched, but true. I have nowhere near the experience many others have with varied interconnects, which is an expensive sub-hobby, but the difference is immediately audible. I had Straightwire Chorus interconnects (and older Monsters before); they're good for the price, but they're not this good.

Kwkarth knows cables and coffee, and I am more than willing to live with his judgment, based on what I hear so far. If I hear anything to the contrary, I'll post after they're broken in.
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Glad you like them so far JML. I hope they continue to delight you. I am still extremely pleased with mine.
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Outlaw Audio

I thought Outlaw Audio was famous for their electronics, but with all this talk about how good their interconnects are they could soon be the cable company. Has anyone heard how their interconnects sound with Outlaw electronics? I think it is a great idea, that an electronics company makes cables that compliments their own equipment.
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About the only discussion that I could find on any of the forums is a couple of threads at Try a search for "outlaw"
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Outlaw Audio has their own forum as well, so check there for some comments on their cables.
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You guys are making this a lot harder on me. Now I have to decide between the SuperSilver II interconnects on and these outlaw ones. The outlaw ones would be cheaper all in all..........hM

Exactly which cables on the order page would I click on if I was to order the outlaws? There are so many products on there that it's hard to tell.

I wonder which cable would sound better with an MG Head.
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Outlaw PCA cables are the ones under discussion. They are now available in .5 m and 1.8 m lengths, soon they'll be available in 1.2 meters.
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flurkingshnit, I have an MG Head on loan right now, so I'll be able to listen to the outlaws with it very soon!
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Would someone with the Outlaws kindly be able to measure the max outside diameter of the RCAs? I would like to know if they will fit my equipment before ordering, since they can't be returned.
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I measure 9/16" at the widest point. In the picture this is the knurled part of the silver colored locking barrel/sleeve.
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Thank you timoteus.
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Just grabbed six of the .5 meter outlaw cables secondhand for $60 shipped. Looking forward to hearing them, if they are as good as you guys say this'll be a hell of a deal.
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Originally posted by kwkarth
Glad you like them so far JML. I hope they continue to delight you. I am still extremely pleased with mine.
I recently got me a pair of the 1.8 outlaws and I am duly impressed! Thanks kwkarth for the review. I knew that my interconnect was the weak link, monster 400 mk IIs. I have been searching for the magic bullet (reasonably priced).
The Sony 9000ES paired with the Senn600 is a great sounding combo, but this tiny $50 investment has paid off big time with even better sound!
Thanks again.
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awesome! they're pretty darned impressive, aren't they?
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Neruda wrote:
awesome! they're pretty darned impressive, aren't they?
Yup, they are. So much so that I wrote to Outlaw, pleading with them to make a standard DIN-plug phono cable. There aren't too many of them out there, and the analogous cable from Harmonic Technology, using the same copper and shielding, costs $400. If Outlaw had something like that, priced as their other cables are priced, they'd corner the market in a month. Oh, I wish...

By the way, Neruda, I should soon have some info in English (and prices) from Vincent Chan about those two open-air AT cans we were intrigued by, the ATH-AD10 and ATH-AD09...
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