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See earlier posts in this thread for more details.

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I'm probably going to jump on the Outlaw train myself, but some of us might want to wait a few weeks. They currently sell only .5m and 1.8 m lengths. They are going to release a 1.2 m length in April, but the price is not yet set. They will NOT do custom lengths.

The .5m is intended to connect things like a preamp and poweramp, which is one length I need. They sell the 1.8 instead of the industry-standard 1.5, figuring it gives a little more leeway in equipment placement, and only recently decided to give buyers another choice. The new 1.2 would be a nice compromise, too.
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I'll back kevin up on this. Even after a short period of listening I was able to clearly discern the differences between the outlaws and the monster 400 mk.II cables that I was using before. No doubt it would take me much longer to hear the differences between the outlaws and another high quality cable like the corals, but this was the first time I've ever heard cable differences. It was pretty cool! The biggest difference was the soundstage; the outlaws have a much more open sound than the monster 400's. I also heard better detail with the outlaws. As soon as I get my own pair I'll do a comparison between them and the Dimarzios that kwkarth loaned me to the best of my abilities. whee! cables are fun!
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I'm sure the Outlaw cables work well... just know that Outlaw Audio Does Not accept returns on their interconnects period. Just a FYI.

Taken directly from Outlaw Audio's web page:

Analog and digital cables are not returnable even when included in a package with other electronics. If you return a multiple-product package, you will only be credited for the non-cable portion. We hope you understand that our cost structure for cable fulfillment makes it impossible for us to offer a return option and still make these cables available at such an excellent value.

In my opinion this is bad business and inexcusable.
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first off, I highly doubt you'll want to return them! Second off, I honestly don't see how outlaw is making any profit off those cables at all. they could easily have charged $150 for them and people would be getting their money's worth. So if that's what they have to do to keep the price down, I'm all for it.
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Neruda, as good or bad as these cables are, the no-return policy is highly discouraging. With something so system dependant as cabling, synergy playing a huge role in determining whether one cable sounds better than another in a system, not having a return policy is stupid.

With that said, I still want to try out one of these cables
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do you kind folks think that the outlaws would work for me?

I need interconnects for my new headphone only system consisting of a Sony SCD-XA777ES SACD player, a Headroom Maxed Out Home with reference module, and Senn. HD-600's with the Cardas replacement cord...and sometimes my Grado 325's...

I mostly listen to rock and electronica, but i defiantly throw in a good deal of classical and even a little old timey blues.

i do get off hearing all the little cooky details layered into recordings...but i don't want anything to analytical....

i am so overwhelemed trying to pick out interconnects, i just don't know what to do.
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all I meant to get across in my previous post is that outlaw set the price on these cables so low that allowing returns would be basically impossible. I think that a lack of return policy would be really bad if these cost over $100, but with a price between $30 and $40 (depending on length), I think most people can take the risk to try them. And if you don't like them you can always sell or trade them for something else.

sweetben, I'd say you've got little to lose by trying out these interconnects. Go for it! you have a very expensive system there, but I think the outlaws will feel right at home in it until you feel like upgrading them.
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good point...40 bucks isn't gonna kill me.
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I dare say that you will have to spend over 10 times as much when you do decide to upgrade.
Happy Listening!
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no upgrading....if these interconnects work out like i hope, then i am gonna use all my saved money (i thought i would need to spend like $250.00) for my Thiel CS1.6 speaker fund.

thanks for the outlaw suggestion.
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Wait a minute...let me get this right. The Outlaw cables outperformed the AQ Corals, Vipers, AND the Monster Cables...and they only cost 40 bucks?! I know I said I would hold back on cables, but at least I'll have something to look forward to in a few weeks.
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Originally posted by teknophyl
Wait a minute...let me get this right. The Outlaw cables outperformed the AQ Corals, Vipers, AND the Monster Cables...and they only cost 40 bucks?! I know I said I would hold back on cables, but at least I'll have something to look forward to in a few weeks.
That is 100% correct. At least that's the way I hear it. It will be interesting to see if others hear the same thing I do.

Happy listening!
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Thanks for posting you opinions on the Outlaw cables. I've got a 950 preordered and have been wondering about them lately. Guess I'll have to add them to my order.
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Go to Look at the Harmonic Technology cables and prices. Then look at the Outlaw cables and prices.
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