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Vote On New Logo

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Head-Fi WorldPhones Orange/Blue

Head-Fi Block Red and Black

Head-Fi Block Blue and Black

Head-Fi Block Blue-Gray and Black

Head-Fi Gray and Black

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I vote for red and black. Admittedly, I'm biased, since that's my university's colors, but anyway...
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I vote for red and black - though i'd like the red to be just a little, tiny bit darker...
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personally, I don't like the red as much because it doesn't go with the other colors of the site. It would probably work, and if everyone else wants it then I won't complain, but I like the blue more.
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I agree, Neruda, but I like the Grey, Black, White log that's actually *on* the site now. Jude? How come that wasn't one fo the choices?

IMHO if it's the same colors as the site itself, it blends in too much. But red is too different. I like grey (but I voted for red because it was my favorite of the choices... if you give us grey as a choice, I wanna change my vote )
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I like the orange globe, though I think the other design works better in blue/black.
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I agree with MacDef. Black/Grey/White
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I believe the colors of the logo should be the SAME as that blue/grey of the background to integrate properly, so the blue/grey thing is for me...
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I agree with macdef and mbriant... would have voted for the black/grey/white if it was on there. I liked the black and blue the best of th choices though.
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I like the first one (the world one) because it will fit the current design nicely.
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the Head-Fi Block Blue-Gray and Black since it's the only one that matches the rest of the site.
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I don't really mind... its the content of the site more than the aesthetics that I am interested in...

but, to add to the growing concencous, I also think that the blue/grey (sorry... grAy ) version is most suitable
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how about the cool head-fi world phones logo in more pleasing (blue/grey) colors? I love the logo, if you could just tone down the colors it would be perfect

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I like the one that's there now.
Looks very good on my LCD.
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Thanks, Jude! Now, can you switch my vote from Red to Black/Grey?
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