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FS: Classe CA-100 amp

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I am going to sell my Classe CA-100 amp because my room is not suited for speakers and I can use my NAD amp. This amp is sonically excellent and cosmetically very good. Has a ding in one of the handles. Otherwise the face plate is pretty clean.

Black anodized finish.

Note that this model has ground loop problems when the system is hooked up to the television set. As soon as I unplug the S-Video cable from my DVD player to the TV it is fine. So this is for music, not for home theater. Great smooth and warm sound.

Asking $550 plus shipping. (SOLD)
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Price drop to $525 plus shipping. I forgot to mention that this includes original box and manual. Also, the ground loop problem is shared with all CA-100's but is not a problem if you don't hook it up to the TV.
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The problem is probably not with the amp. You just need to put an isolation transformer inbetween your television and wall socket. I bought one from Parts Express for $8 and solved my problem. Unless I'm missing something, this has nothing to do with your amp or Classe particularly. Sorry to thread crap a bit.
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Bump, thanks Jeff
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