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IMO non of the so called "veterans of Headwize" will ever say a word against Headwize because this is where it all started. We are all loyal to the good old mother site and I really appreciated the effort Chu has put to keep it running. For me it is almost a sentimental issue. I must go there at least once a day for the old time sakes. Of course there are many interesting posts to be found there also. Head-fi however offers a better layout and options no question about that.

Well, let's try to keep'em up both.
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i agree with blr. 100%
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I figured...

...that was going to be the answer. I guess things will evolve.

- Matt
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I agree with Duncan.

Questions/Threads like this really serve no practical purpose other than to stir up ****.

Through a unique set of circumstances...... and nobody's fault...... many of us have found ourselves in the middle of an emotional tug of war. As it does with most things, time will eventually sort things out.......if we let it.

To keep bringing up which is better? which is prettier? which has the nicer colours? which is busier? etc. etc. etc. won't solve anything.

How about we all simply visit and post at whichever site(s) we personally want to, and drop this never ending, unnecessary, pointless debate?
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I'll say something not so flattering about headwize (which is why I've chosen not to visit it any longer) - the new design gives me a headache when scrolling through the list of threads.
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I was definitely

...not thinking "stir up shiz" and was thinking "emotional tug o' war."

Sorry if I pissed anyone off, I didn't mean to.

By the way, are there any women on this board?

- Matt
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lol... Matt... You certainly haven't peed me off... As I said, everyone is entitled to have there own opinions... just a shame it seems so controversial

(I wish this bleedin' moth would stop walking about on my screen!! - Wheres Tides when I need him eh?)
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No apology necessary Matt. Sorry if I came across a little harsh.

It's just that we've had a pleasant, enjoyable community going here which can continue even if slightly diluted by two sites.

To keep asking "which is better?" or "which do you prefer?" only serves to create an "us and them" mentality which in my opinion isn't necessary and isn't desirable.
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Yeah, I can...

...understand where and why the misunderstanding happened.

Too bad the two sites can't just merge and share resources and give us all one-stop info shopping.

- Matt

p.s. how do you get that little mini-quote next to your Administrator/member/whatever status?
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Re: Yeah, I can...

Originally posted by Matt
p.s. how do you get that little mini-quote next to your Administrator/member/whatever status?
What you do... is either write a review, ask a question etc etc that has a comical aspect to it... then, Jude picks up on it, and... hey presto... custom name
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*did not feel like reading all the replys*

I never really got all that comfortable posting at Headwize, new or old. Even back then I only read the archives anyway. Here, I feel its smaller, like I know some of you even though I've hardly posted until now.

Chances are, I'll probably continue to use Headwize for reading the archives and forums and post questions as I'll get more responses. Here is where I'll probably interact more, chill and all that.
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Yeah, 'cos...

...there definitely is some gooooood info ready and waiting there. I agree with you; I'll probably be doing the same.
- Matt
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OT : Matt... Have you noticed that you've now got your own custom title?
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...that is so funny. LOL...thanks, Gods of Head-fi!

- Matt
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