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Head-fi or Headwize?

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Well, looks like Headwize is up again...what's the majority consensus on this issue? Where do we go?

- Matt
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I'm having a great time visting both. Different people....different questions......different answers. I believe they compliment each other well.
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Oh great suggestion, I was getting a little bored (no offense to anyone here). I have read just about every post that interests me. That's the problem with keeping it open ALL day long at work , I just sit by my e-mail waiting for the notices saying someone posted to one of my threads, and other than that try to do work. But Headwize sounds like a good idea right about now, I honestly have never seen their forums. I'm goign to go give it a look.
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No offense... the Gods of Headwize, but I really, really, really like this forum better and would prefer it if everyone stayed here.

What would we do without tons of options, easy polls, nice emoticons and the ever-popular E-mail notification of replies to threads? Personally, I'd just die and end up forgetting about headphones altogether...well, maybe not that drastic.

Anyhow, again, no offense, but I vote head-fi.

- Matt
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I'm with you Matt, granted i've only spent about 5 minutes at Headwize, but it keeps saying that there are too many users on, and while I realize all the work Chu has put into it and everything, we might as well just post where it can be read with the fewest number of problems. I think I have been spoiled since Head-fi is the only forum that I have known so far, and it has been a great experience, I think i'll just stay here, I also don't want my number of posts ot be decreased by posting there, he he, I like my new 100+ Member title
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I want more headphone forums!
I did just try to look at the forums over there and got some error message about too many connections. Maybe CMOY has a limit to try to keep cost down. I guess I'll look around here for a while.
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I liked the elegance that the simplicity of the original headwize had. Head-fi is #2, and the current headwize, is, unfortuneately, a distant #3, IMO.

Oh well......bandwidth can rip upart a tight community. It's a good thing jude, neil, @ co. were here......
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Is it just me, or does head-fi have a new logo?
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Could someone (joelongwood) enlighten me about how these two forums complement each other? I don't really have time to keep up with both.
I think I like head-fi better, I keep getting errors when trying to log on to headwize .
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It's you. Man, you better turn down your headphones.. must be distorting your vision! Just kidding.
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Yup, new logo. Personally, I like the color scheme and conveniences of Head-fi over the current Headwize, though I'll still visit both as often as possible.
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Wow, 3 posts in the exact same minute!

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Yep... There is a new logo...

As to HeadWize/Fi debates... I'm keeping quiet about it now... at the end of the day, its our own choice where we go... and, at least if we keep quiet, we can't offend anyone?!

that isn't a moan at anyone... just my own opinion
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Good Point Duncan

I knew there was a new logo, but since I didn't have anythign to compare it to, I couldn't be sure
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Could someone (joelongwood) enlighten me about how these two forums complement each other?
I'll try. From what I've seen so far, Headwize is capturing most of the "newbies" to this hobby (addiction?), while many veterans of Headwize who have migrated to Head-Fi have begun to discuss more selective topics in greater detail.
A lot of the questions on Headwize are of the "I have $100...what should I buy?" or "What amp pairs up best with this headphone?". Now, this site also gets those questions, but the discussions often evolve into discussions of the fine nuances of individual headphones or amps or whatever.
Being a teacher, I like to answer questions that I feel confident in answering. And being a learner, I enjoy reading and learning from the discussions here at Head-Fi. Hope I made myself clear on's not easy. Simply put: I like both!
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