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You will love the AZ cable, but I was looking at your equipment and don't see any DAC listed, what are you using the Mc2 with?
This may be overkill but I'm using mine between my Toshiba DVD player and Denon Receiver. I listen to a lot of concert DVDs, more so than CDs on my Sony SACD player. The sound of DVDs is actually better than a lot of CDs or even SACDs for that matter. I may get a DAC later. I was listening to the new Diana Krall DVD "Live in Paris" and it sounded very good indeed. I could hear every breath she took and a lot of the small details.

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Has forgotten about us here, I see he has been raving about the AZ Mc2 cable over at Audio Asylum. I really think you are too concerned about this 75 ohm issue, no mods are necessary, this is Dr Lee's reference digital cable and if that would improve the sound he would have done it.

Anyway, give us a some of your impressions.
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Nope did not forget...I can only surf so many boards....

I read the FAQ page at AZ and it all sound good..but the bottom line is this: with MC2 RCAs I had to turn up the volume to 12 to get the same output as the Mod'd MC2 outputs it 9 o'clock. To me that save tube life and does not "overdrive" the Earmax over time...

My sound impressions are great! There is really no difference between the two sonically. It really just came down to the number of connectors.

I just spent a few weeks with the Marigo 5.1 Digital ($695) and I prefere my AZ. I am now listening to the JM75 ($100) Digital..first impression: Good Value...

RL is currently manufacturing the Mod'd MC2 it just has not been marketed to much just yet..

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Looks like Delve Audio is carrying that AZ Silver Phantom cable,
no prices listed, check it out:

Delve Audio

Have you tried any AZ power cords, what do you think?
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