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This is somewhat of a repost from the amp section. Last week I came home to find that my RKV would no longer power up. No tube glow, no funny noises, nothing. I've run into a few electrical issues in my apartment in the past and if anything happened it was likely a power surge.

I've looked at the fuses visually and they seem to be fine (clear, wire in tact), I've replaced all four tubes just to make sure that wasn't an issue and I've tried using various power cords and wall outlets. At this point, the going guess is that it's the power supply itself. The power supply in the RKV is somewhat unique looking and can probably not be replaced outright easily. Most likely, it will need to be repaired. (For a picture of what the RKV amp looks like, click the link in my sig.)

I've already contacted AudioValve (the German manufacturer of the amp) and requested suggestions along with a schematic.

I live in Dallas, I'm a virtual newbie to this stuff and I need all the help I can get. If any of you guys have experience and patience and especially if you know something about electrical stuff, please PM or email me and let me know if you can assist.

As I've posted a few times in the forum, the RKV is a really nice amp and I would really like to have it working again. I've already ordered a Brick Wall power surge protector to prevent such a stupid mishap in the future.