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SR-225 To SR-325 Mod??

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Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone here has ever attempted to convert a Grado SR-225 to a SR-325 before.

Since the two models use the same drivers, the only difference that justifies the 100 dollars price difference lies in the air chambers right? Is it possible to made a deeper air chamber for the SR-225 and make it sound identical to the SR-325? Or better yet, make the phones come close to even the Reference series gears?
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Well, the 225 uses a plastic housing, where the 325 uses an aluminum housing. Much stiffer, less resonant. The drivers are better matched, and instead of using a high purity copper cord, the 325 uses an ultra high purity copper cord. I don't think it's possible to convert a 225 to a 325 unless you just take the drivers out of a 225 and put them in a dead 325.
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What about just modifying the air chamber itself? Is that possible? Is there a place where I can get a set of custom made aluminum/wooden air chambers made for the SR-225s?
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Contact Grado and see if they'll sell you just the aluminum housing for the 325's. Maybe they will. I seriously doubt there are any third party manufacturers who cater to Grado modifier's that will sell you an aluminum air chamber designed to convert the Grado 225's. Theoretically, you could carve your own wooden chambers.

To be honest, I don't think your proposed mods are feasible. There's a very good chance you will end up with poor results at best or ruin your headphones at worst, even if you could make the modifications for less than what it would cost you to simply buy a 325. I'm a DIYer when it comes to tweaking my headphone performance, but what you're proposing goes well beyond tweaking, and you are in effect making your own headphones. Alright if like I did you're using a $20 pair of Koss KSC-50's, much different if you are toying with a $200 dollar pair of Grado 225's.
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I would take cajunchrists advice and leave your SR225 as is. It's a great headphone. Very often I prefer it to my SR325.

I speak from experience. I did multiple tweaks on my 225, including making my own wooden air chambers. I ended up putting the 225 back together as it was. The mod sound was coloured and lacked cohesiveness.

I did a tweak on my SR325 over the weekend. I removed the plastic inner ring in each of the aluminum air chambers and reglued the driver assembly back in. By doing this I theoretically increased the size of the chamber (inside) and removed a potential source of colouration.

I noticed a smoother, more detailed midrange ( I heard some things on recordings that I never heard before, honest), and a stronger, deeper bass with more impact. However, upon extended listening I also noticed something was bothering me about the upper midrange and treble. They had become distinctly muted. Balanced recordings sounded dull, bright recordings sounded balanced.

So it is obvious that a lot of thought and especially listening goes into the design of these things, and you really have to know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, you are merely substituting one colouration for other(s).
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Thanks for your wisdedom guys.. after reading your posts and some careful consideration, I've decided to keep the 225s the way they are

However, I was very curious about the reason why you prefer the 225s over the 325s, care to share your thoughts Beagle?
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Originally posted by r4z0r
I was very curious about the reason why you prefer the 225s over the 325s, care to share your thoughts Beagle?
It's basically a matter of personal preference for a particular mood at a particular time.

I do like the fact that the SR225 is lighter and less bulky. I tend to want to get the best sound possible with the least mass. This is where the Sennheiser HD600 and AKGK501 lose some points with me.

Comparing the SR325 and 225 sonically, I find the 225 has a slight emphasis in the upper midrange, and the 325 has a slight bit of "suck-out" in this area. This tends to bring the bass up a bit and make it smoother and warmer. The 225 has more of an overall balance that is often more appealing for more types of music. I am using the flat donut pads for both.

Again, I "rotate" headphones a lot, listening 'till the "novelty" wears off, then trying something "new".

Another Grado I have that makes my mind dance to the music is the SR125. A very open and communicative headphone.

I forgot to mention that I am currently listening to my SR225 with my SR325 cable. It is the cable that gives most of the smoothness to the 325's sound. It smooths out some of the emphasis in the 225's upper mids and adds more detail. This modded phone is my current source of musical happiness.
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ahh.. so the cable made the difference. Looks like I will have to acquire some new cables for a little experiment of my own soon. Thanks for sharing Beagle!
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