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Corda Headamp!

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Well I got it!

Paired it up with my Grado 325s and.....WOW!

People say the Grados are easy to power...well the improvement with an amp is DEFINATELY there. And the crossfeed is great, I cannot turn it off without discomfort.

Just wanted to post my first impressions, I'll do something more complete for the grand re-opening of HeadWize forums!
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post your review here! We'd all love to hear it, certainly I would. Why wait? Everyone's here!
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Is the sound a little too bright?

Sirwar, I'm glad you are enjoying the Corda Grado combo.....
Anyway is it true that the sound that come from this combo is a little too bright?
Have you tried your Grados with a Total Airhead?
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My Corda with Grado RS-1's is NOT bright. It has lots of detail but it has never produced a single note of sibilance. Review will be up in a day or so.
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Ian, I meant pairing the Corda amp with the Grado's 325.......
The 325 are definetely brighter than the Rs1.......
Thanks anyway...
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I have recently obtained a Corda, and I think it is a fantastic headphone amp. The upper end is incredibly extended and detailed without being grainy or abrasive in the slightest. In my mind, this is one of the most difficult characteristics for any amplifier to attain, especially a solid state one. It is extremely revealing. It makes me want to start testing to see if I can get better sound with a different pair of interconnects or a different CD player.
It also has great build quality, making my Creek OBH-14 preamp next to it look cheap. Obviously, I'm very happy with the amp.

I give it 5 out of 5 possible smiles.
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Well the recent realization that my source sucks kinda put me in a bad mood... just when I thought my headwize craving had been cured for at least the next 6 months or so. I guess the part that annoys me is that I thought it would be a solid setup, but the advice I was given on headwize was a tad misleading.


Well, it was a choice of larger soundstage vs not having some bass instrument I chose the latter. In general it gave a much more natural sound. While I am a fan of the 'headphone effect', I now REQUIRE at least the first setting on the variable crossfeed.

Say you put the balance all the way over to the left; now your wont actually HEAR the music coming from the right side, but if you take off your left ear you can then hear it. It just sort of positions the sound to the left side of your brain. The higher the setting, the closer to the top center of your brain you can hear the sound.
At the first notch the big bass seems to have moved to just above your ear, removing the buzz, but keeping a lot of the stereo effect. Thats where the soundstage takes the biggest hit. Classical seems to be the most effected by crossfeed.

Some classical junk off some complilation cd(althought it seems to apply to everything, I guess):

While the soundstage was nice on my hd495s, they sounded like they were struggling the entire time, on either Ohm setting, so I tossed'm. Nextin line, Grado SR-60. Sounded thin either way, and frankly I didn't care enough to test them thuroughly. If someone wants me too I will. 325...well not much to say I guess. Better midrange, bit more 'alive', as people might say. I constantly feel like I'm hearing an inadequacy somewhere along the line, but I can guess where it is(*cough*dac*cough*).

...well screw the rest for now, I'm not in a 'tastefull' mood...I'll just give it to you in a nutshell I guess: It sounds better. More midrange in general. Its also 'bright' I guess...but its not so much that its too bright than that its all there. You get used to the initial ear-shock. The silent space is SILENT. You don't realize how much the small amount of hiss sucks until you don't have it anymore.

well, bye for now, and have a pleasant(bad) day (*stab stab stab*)


P.S. I don't know who would actually PREFER the bowl pads over the flatter 'comfies'. Basically by putting them on the midrange is gone, you get mainly the punchy bass, and the highs feel thin all out on their lonesome. oh but I think the soundstage is improved by half an inch.
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I love my Corda, it's just a great sounding amp. It is a very noticable improvement over both my Total Airhead and the headphone jack on my Denon 370 (which was so loud as to require the use of a RS headphone attenuator). The bass is very deep and powerful, but also very controlled. The sound just seems to blend smoothly from top to bottom without any harshness or blurryness to it at all, just well balanced sound all the way. It's also VERY quiet, quieter than my Total Airhead, and far quieter than the original Creek OBH-11SE I used to have.

Speaking of balance, other than the volume pot which as we all know tend to be hit and miss when it comes to tracking accuracy even in the most expensive non-stepper varities, it's VERY well balanced due to the tight tolerences in all the components used.

I don't use the crossfeed often, but it also works quite well, without the sometimes annoying warming effect of Headroom's crossfeed. The only disadvantage to the crossfeed is that it can reduce the perceived bass in some music that has bass mostly in one channel, and when the bass is in both channels, but out of phase.

Mine was the DYI kit version, and other than having a tad bit of trouble getting the AC plug/switch into the backplate (more than a tight fit, the plug/switch assembly is larger than the hole it fits into ), it was quite easy to assemble, even though it was the first time I had ever put together any kind of electronic DYI kit. I had no trouble with the soldering using regular RS 60/40 .032 solder and the 40/20 watt iron.
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