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Hey guys, and gals. Anybody got any good ideas for a nice learning remote control? Under $150.00 would be O.K. Any, and all recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
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This should answer all you guestions:
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Sony RM-VL900

Thanks, Owen! That site is a good source of information on remotes. I didn't know you could get a decent learning remote for $60.00, or less. I don't really need touch screen. The RM-VL900 does quit nicely.
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The other non-touchscreen remote that has garnered quite a few favorable reviews is the Home Theater Master SL-9000.
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Damn. If I only had the $$.
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radio shack has a learning remote for about $30- $40. it even does macros. it's a huge value.
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I second the recommendation for RemoteCentral ... their reviews should help you alot. I have an older model Pronto and it is pretty nice ... you might be able to find one used in that range. The Sony RM-AV2100 works pretty well too and can be had for ~$80 I think.

- Jeff
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I have the Sony RM-AV2100.

Works great and can be found for much less than list.
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