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Specs for HD600 Cable.

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Okay, I have been speaking with an employee at ZU cable, and he says that it would be possible for him to make me a custom pair of HD600 Cables. Besides info about the connectors, what type of cable should they use? Is there any special info that I should tell them?
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Why don't you post this question over at the Audio Asylum Cable Asylum - ie. what is the best option for a headphone cable.

If it were me I would be considering some silver cable options if I were to experiment with a custom cable. I love the sound of high quality silver interconnects and speaker cables in my systems. In my opinion, with the HD-600's a silver cable may may make the headphones sound a little more forward which may be beneficial.
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I'm just wondering why you want it specifically from Zu? There are cables already out there, and I would put my money on the Cardas one. Their cables are quite stiff too, so I'm not sure it would be a good idea to have a headphone cable out of it.

Twisted pair designs work well, teflon insulated and a small diameter conductor (solid copper or solid silver is good). I posted this at audioasylum somewhere, just search under "chych" there in the cable asylum.
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yeah, I see what you mean chych...I just thought a silver cable would be kinda cool. Maybe in six years home grown audio will have one
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This would be the silver wire (the 32 guage teflon coated silver) I would use if I were to make a custom Senn cable. I have used this on interconnects and it is excellent and fairly cheap ($40 for 25 ft - enough to make up to a 6 ft cable). I got the link from the Chris Venhaus DIY cable site.
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Jim: can you list the link to Chris V's DIY site?
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Here it is.

I also responded to your question about the 600 plug ends. How much does Senn charge for the pigtail ends?

I use the Chris Venhaus silver interconnects in my audio system. When I get around to trying a Senn HD-600 replacement cable, I am going to make it with this same silver wire. Instead of using the teflon tubing which is kind of stiff, I think that I am going to buy some thin poly tubing at the local hardware store (they sell it for use on refrigerator ice machines, etc.). The poly is more flexible but doesn't have the dielectric properties of teflon. I am going to wrap it though with teflon plumbers tape and then spiral 2 runs of the wire to the left and right channels (and then combine the negative leads at the 1/4" plug end). I will probably wrap the whole thing with some braid material (see article).

I suspect I will just have to solder the silver to the pigtail end of the stock Senn plug (not ideal but probably the only alternative).
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